Smashing Through The Stop Sign of Life


Don't allow anything or anyone stop you from achieving you end-goal!

Have you ever felt that whichever direction you turn, there is always a "STOP SIGN" in your face, telling you "NO?"

Have you ever been given so many, you felt like they are all spinning all out of control?

Have you ever been faced with decision or situations in your life, that you don't know how you're going to come through the other side?

In this book, 17 remarkable international authors, share their compelling transformative life experiences with you which include mental health, abuse, emotional pain, cancer, falling in love, motherhood, dance, accidents, eviction, autism, narcissism and much more.

The power behind every human being who has written in this life-changing book, is outstanding and incredible. See each author SMASH THROUGH their own "STOP SIGN OF LIFE" with their RESILIENCE, BRAVERY, DETERMINATION and SHEER DRIVE.


Be EMPOWERED and INSPIRED to know that no matter what foes on in any arena of YOUR life or business, YOU too can SMASH THROUGH your own STOP SIGN OF LIFE and truly SOAR.


You've got this and you're NOT alone! Go for it!