Why I Decided to start my own Business

Good morning everyone and welcome to my next installment of my Midweek Wednesday blog.

I hope your all good and today I'm going to be talking about why I decided to start my own business and work from home.

As a parent when the children get to school age its always a worry about how your going to find the right job that will fit in with school hours and/or partners shifts as well. Or for the single parent families out there, it's then school hours, term time or finding the right child care to have your child/ren whilst your at work.

With this in mind I relocated to an area I didn't know in order to get a fresh start so for me the worry was not knowing the child minders, or after school clubs to enable me to be able to go to work. Then if it's not term time I've got to find a child minder for the school holidays. Then before you know it most of your wages are gone and used on child care.

So when you think about those things you begin to realise its not an easy task going to get a job or find a job that is school hours and term time only.

So I took all this in a few years ago and was like...

"No I'm not doing this" "I want to be home with Ruby"

So what do I do as I'm not the sort of person to be able to sit around at home and not do anything I get to bored and fed up.

Here comes the amazing part, after doing MLM Businesses in the past I knew that wasn't for me directly and I needed to get my ideas out and start building my business so that I can work what hours I need to and I'll be there for Ruby when she's unable to go to school or what ever is needed.

For example as I'm sat writing this blog its 8pm and gone and I'm able to carry on working now she is in bed. If I was in a normal job and fell behind with work I wouldn't be able to go back into the office to carry on working. At least running my own business I can work as and when I can be it day time or evening or a mix of both.

So I set about doing my research, started planning everything out, setting everything out ready to go and so it was born my business, launched in April 2021


After being in Business now since April already its been a big help working from home as i have had a few occasions where I would of had to call in sick with a normal job where Ruby's not been well or random inset days I wasn't aware of. Where as working from home is hasn't made any difference as I've still be able to carry on working even with her home.

With the Christmas Holidays coming up from next week I would then be looking for child minders for the 2 weeks holiday and the jobs I have had in the past have included working Xmas Eve and to be honest who really wants to be child minding on Xmas Eve?

So it means I've been able to plan my business and fall in line and actually take the 2 weeks off to spend some quality time and making memories with ruby for the Christmas Holiday's.

Last year as we moved 3 days before Christmas she didn't get much of a Christmas so will be nice this year to enjoy some time with her and actually make new memories of doing different things including driving round to look at Christmas Lights etc.

So all in all when you think about things as a single parent for me there wasn't any other option but to work from home and enjoy the time I can with Ruby but also build my business up so we can do things and enjoy the life we've now got.

My advice to anyone, if your fed up with your 9 to 5 job, or fed up with not being able to spend much time with the children, grandchildren why not look at working from home, whether that's for a company or you set up your own Business. Whichever way you do it always make sure that you create the working atmosphere that works for you and your family.

Think outside the box, take a look at the skills you have and put them to work. Who knows it might be the best choice you have ever made.

Have an awesome week and enjoy every minute and why not start looking to your future and getting things set up, do the research, write the plans and just go for it.

I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday blog.

Enjoy and have fun

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