Why Hire A WordPress Developer

So you are looking to build a website for your business, blog, side hustle, or online community. But there are so many options available to you. Many will require you to sell a few body parts while others are more affordable and some that are dirt cheap but look like something that the dog sicked up!

I know that may be a bit harsh but it is also the truth - you will get what you pay for as in everything in life. This meme is a great way of summing up this point

So now that we’ve got over the fact that if you want something good you have to pay for it, let’s look at why you should hire a WordPress developer.

WordPress powers around 30% of the internet and is used by individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies - not really a big surprise. It is a great platform that allows you to create a totally unique and fully customizable website. It also allows you to add whatever functions you need for your business, making it perfect for a bespoke website that suits your needs.

So Why Do I Need A WordPress Developer?

There are a few reasons why you should hire a WordPress developer. You need to think of your website as a source for generating income for you and your business - hiring a developer is a fantastic idea. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a WordPress developer for your small business:


A skilled developer will have an in-depth understanding of the themes and plugins that will work best for your business’s unique requirements. They will have the knowledge to build you a website that is not only unique but also feature-rich. And of course, WordPress developers are focused on perfection and excellence when working on each and every task of your project.


Hiring a WordPress developer will provide you with a hugely profitable marketing tool in your business’s arsenal - a beautiful and functional website. A developer that is hired by the project is also a far more cost-effective way for you to get the website you need within your budget as opposed to hiring an in-house developer, and it can increase both your revenue and profits.

Technical Support

Choosing a good WordPress developer will offer you not only a fantastic website but also the quality customer support that is critical for most businesses. They not only offer support throughout the project but also after delivery, this is especially beneficial to those that do not come from a technical background and don’t know much about how WordPress works.

Understanding of Users

Being able to fully understand the needs of your users is also a great benefit of hiring a WordPress developer. They will have the knowledge to understand what your clients need when they arrive at your website, what can enhance their customer experience, and will know how to apply this to your unique and personal website build. They can also offer further customization of a theme through coding and even a variety of alternatives for the design of your website.

Security and Maintenance

Website security is key for every business and organization. Your WordPress developer will ensure that your security is up to date as well as keeping your data secure. Many developers offer monthly maintenance packages enabling content to be quickly and safely changed as and when you need it without you having to worry about glitches or breaking your site.


Your WordPress developer will be able to offer you advice and guidance with regard to hosting providers and what to look for in the best. Many will even be able to offer you hosting and maintenance packages so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Fully Customizable

A talented developer will be able to offer you the customization that you want to make your website exactly what you want, one of the first parts here is choosing plugins that benefit your business and your customer experience.

SEO and Content

Unique and user-friendly content is all part of the success of your website and it is immensely important. Your WordPress developer will be able to advise you with regard to what content your website needs and also the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) and its role in how your website ranks on search engines such as Google.

Flexibility When Hiring

Hiring a WordPress developer is super easy and flexible. You save yourself the hassle of having to hire a new employee and all the stresses that go with it. Now you can hire a freelancer and work out a budget, payment plan, and project scope that works perfectly for your business and budget.

End Of The Line

At the end of the day, you are running a professional business and your website is a direct reflection of you. It needs to scream professional, responsive, user-friendly, functional, and, of course gorgeous!

A WordPress developer can offer you all these things and will also take all the stress off of your shoulders so you can get on with doing what you do best - being a kick-ass business owner!

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Emma - CEO at Skye Bloom Digital Services

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