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As a little girl of four, I received my first cup of tea. A tea of life to understand just how important tea would save my life. My Oma gave me two cups of tea. I drank the first one like every little child would do drink without knowing the life lessons that were in that cup. It was not just a beverage of warm tea. But it was so much more than just a cup of tea. I accepted the next cup of full tea. My Oma tells me to sit, relax and look within as I sip away on my tea.

My Oma told me I want you to recharge, reflect and release. At that age, I had no clue what she meant till I got older and then understood she was serving me a tea of life. To teach others to see within their cups. Serve them tea Miss Liz as my Oma always called me. So this is how my journey began and, so I ask.

Have you ever heard of the t-e-a cup of tea? The tea of teaching educational awareness one cup at a time. The cup of Transformation empowerment action. Hmmm, many have said I am not sure to let me see. So when you sit to have your cup of Tea. Have you ever thought about the strength of that cup within yourself?

The strength of the tea leaves. The process of growth. The lessons that come from the harvest of its future. Tea is teaching us all awareness the insight on one self-being. We all have been made uniquely different with a flavor and blend that we serve to the world, Our inner scars of healing the wounds of humanity. Like boiling water pouring onto the leaves, the outcry is heard and seen.

All of us have all had a pass that the “T” we all are in the present that the “E” and we all work and want a better future than the “A” do you see educating the mind of our journeys. Like a fine cup of tea. The understanding that a word given for each letter starting with that letter tells the world who we are. We all have a tea of past, present, and future. Tea of day, tea of life, tea of minute we all serve different teas at different times. Environment spaces and our surroundings of who we are with at the time.

The transformations of the spills we have in life empower others to grow, heal and share. When Becoming aware that we can also try a new tea again a new way, a new direction, and a new choice, As human beings, we often forget we create and have the opportunity to live in a peaceful cup of tea if we make the world a better place to live in today? By the differences of our actions, we take among each other. We have the right to teach and educate the minds of being different like mental health, disabilities, and or illnesses are just seeds of tea spilling over with a special message of strength and resilience like a strong tea.

The lessons we take are the lengths of strength we want our teas to be by staying in it or being on it. I look at tea as a tool to educate the world of time travel, adventures, healing, and personal growth to look within oneself. Plant the seed of tea and pour the water watch you spill away from the flows of life from around the globe.

Understanding that we all serve and spill at different times and places in our lives but each spill of tea is a message of trying again to pursue your dreams and filling the cup up with hope to serve the real me. I serve tea every day differently but always me. Will you come and sit and share your tea with me. Let’s create a pot of difference one cup at a time. Build support systems to create a new understanding of life-changing experiences through the T-E-A Miss Liz style. It's time to spill my tea. Are you willing to come and join me?

Let’s create a new way of leading and serving our teas. By educating our children, students, workers, and community. Opening pots of creative adventure and seas of teas worldwide for you and me. By pouring your flavors and blends to see that being our true selves is the only way to be. I create awareness for humanity through a strong cup of tea. We live in a different time and place. So it is time we build something new like a T-E-A of Miss Liz’s cup of tea. Imagine something so simple but yet so refreshing with ease. Teach Educational Awareness that we all can spill the tea.

Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon

Miss Liz


Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon, is an:

  • Established Best Selling International CoAuthor,

  • International Keynote Speaker, Founder/Creator of Miss Liz Teatime and Parties,

  • Global Peace Challenge 2020 Ambassador for Canada Former International Secretary Human Rights and Social Justice Federation,

  • Former Director Rape Violence Atrocities Against Women AHRI,

  • International Rotary Club for Great Britain and Ireland

  • Member for Peace Envoy and Chairman for Gender Equality,

  • Ambassador for Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club,

  • Advocate and Change Maker for mental health, abuse, grief and peace for humanity. Founder/Creator of Miss Liz’s Tea Parties/Teatimes

  • Host of Teatime with Miss Liz Making a Difference One Cup at a Time.

  • Founder/Creator of the “TeaBag Story Award.”

  • She has received numerous awards, equating to an humanitarian award in Canada, Sacred Hearts Rising Leader For Change in Cornwall,

  • Awarded "The Small Business Person of the year 2018 for Cornwall Ontario"

  • Awardee for the 2020-21 "Small Business Person Award of the year."

  • International Secretary Human Rights and Social Justice Federation"

  • The Honorary Doctorate Award for Human Rights"

  • Featured in "Canada 150 Stories" online book for overcoming disabilities and transitioning back in the workplace.

  • Co-Host of a social platform titled: "The Truth Hurts" with "The Music Intelligence Director, Hip Hop Poet, Audio Engineer & Master Composer, Shadow God.


Link Tree: - https://linktr.ee/Misslizsteatime

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