The First Year in Business

Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. Hope you have all had an amazing week and been enjoying the warmer weather whilst we've had it.

Today's blog I'm going to talk to you about my first year in business, including my up's and downs, being totally honest of my behind the scenes weak moments.

If you've read any of my other blogs you will already know my journey on how I got to running my own business. If you've missed those blogs please go back through and take a read on them.

Or you can read them here:

Both of these blogs will help you understand the journey I've come on and hopefully this blog will help show you how far I have come in the last year.

Lets Start Off Positive:

What's been the up's within my business in the last year? Well here is a break down of all the Ups.

- The Launching of the Business

- My first Order

- My first Collaboration Range

- The new Connections - World Wide

- My first Radio Show

- My first and second book

- My first set of Business Clients

- My first reviews

- The new directions my business has grown into

- My business being different works to my advantage

- Hitting my first year target

What Have I Learnt:

Whenever you have a lot of positive things within the Business growing it makes you reflect on what you have learnt in the last year as well.

Here's just some of the things I have learned within my Business and also about myself I have learned in the last year:

- I can achieve my dreams and goals

- My business can change as I grow

- My Business can take a new direction to grow

- My expansion and worry has been worth it

- I do have the confidence to get myself out there

- My anxiety in a new location is nearly gone

- That I can produce more than what I thought was possible

- That my personal challenges are being met

- Not everything goes to plan

- That I missed things out that are needed

- My knowledge is still expanding daily

To Finalise:

When you look at my previous 2 blogs and then look through this blog I hope it does encourage and inspire you to go out there and go for you dreams and goals and know that when you take a risk on you that you can go out there and achieve anything you want.

A lot of pressure on myself and risk taking has totally paid off and I am so proud of what I am continuing to create and build within my business and myself as well. It is good to do a year end reflection to see exactly how far you have come and how much you have achieved.

For me my biggest learning experience is that no matter what life has thrown at me I've still picked myself up and carried on, found ways around things and I keep fighting back. I have found MY PURPOSE in life and it's truly incredible that 2 years worth of planning is a reality and a current year long reality with many more years to go.

Why not go and comment below on this blog about where you were last year and where you are this year, lets start a achievement train of praise for us all in the comments.

I will be back next week with my next installment of Midweek Blog. Have an awesome week and speak to you all next week.

Always remember you are stronger than you believe

Maria xxxx

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