The benefit of ‘Autumn Cleaning’ your home

It is a very popular practice throughout the world for households to carry out an annual ‘spring clean’ of their homes. Spring is the time when natural light becomes brighter, following the darkness of the winter season, and home owners begin to notice dusty spots throughout their homes that have been neglected throughout the colder period.

By carrying out a thorough clean of our homes during this period we are able to throw open the windows and doors and allow fresh, warm air to circulate throughout.

However, during autumn we may not find this as pleasant an experience as we do during the spring, due to it not being as warm outside, but it’s still a vitally important thing to do.

The best time to do this would be at the beginning of September. The children will have returned to school, the house should be a little quieter and hopefully the weather shouldn’t be too cold or too damp, so we should still be able to throw open the windows and allow the air to freshen up our environment as we deep clean, declutter and organise our environment.

As I advise all my clients, my preferred method with any deep clean is to work room by room. Select the room that you would like to begin with. Either start with the room in which you have the biggest issue. For example, if you are having difficulty sleeping then begin in the bedroom. If you have a home office and it has become the household dumping ground throughout the summer holidays, and you are struggling to work efficiently, then perhaps start in that room.

My personal choice of room to begin in is the smallest one, as the room will be cleaned and organised the quickest, and will bring a sense of satisfaction of having completed a room.

The autumn season is when we all start to seriously plan ahead for Christmas, the most expensive time of the year for most of us and any extra £££’s always come in handy.

Use your autumn clean to serve 2 purposes

1)As an opportunity to thoroughly clean your home following the summer period, when you will have had more dust and dirt blown in from having the windows open and the family home more. You may also have allowed some jobs to be missed (e.g. tidying of drawers and wardrobes due to enjoying the summer hols).

2) To have a thorough declutter and to organise your home. By doing this you can set aside any unwanted items that you can sell online to raise some much welcomed money toward Christmas. This benefits you AND the buyer who may find themselves an amazing bargain too.

How do we effectively and efficiently declutter?

Begin in one room and focus on that room until fully decluttered, organised and cleaned.

Personally, I would suggest decluttering and organising the items in one room prior to deep cleaning it, as doing this can bring dust and dirt into our environments.

When decluttering and organising I recommend starting from the bottom and working upwards (the opposite direction from when cleaning a room).

The reason I recommend this is because simply having a clean and clear floor can do wonders for how our environment looks and how we feel (have you ever picked everything up off a messy floor to hoover and noticed how much of a difference such a simple thing makes to how that room looks?)

Start by emptying and organising any boxes/ bags on the floor. Then do the same to all surfaces that you can see, working upwards at all times. Only once all this is done do we open up drawers and doors. Don’t forget to use this time to find your winter woollies/raincoats etc. and safely put away any summer items that you will not be needing for a while.

Once Decluttered and Organised-Get Cleaning

There are bigger, individual jobs that may be worth starting with, such as defrosting the freezer. By emptying and defrosting our freezer completely it allows us to spot any food that has been in there a while and could do with being used up, it opens up space for us to add in more food (particularly important throughout the colder months when we tend to go out less often) and it makes the freezer operate more efficiently.

This is also the perfect time to change your summer curtains for your heavier winter ones, and also take down and clean any net curtains or blinds that you may have.