The Average Broken Man

Hi, my name is Christian just your average guy who, like most struggled to deal with the breakdown of a committed long-term relationship two years ago after seventeen years together and all the social norms of daily life, kids, jobs friends and family. When it ended abruptly, like most I fell apart! we all do, and for some it takes time to heal, I really didn’t know just how long it would take but I was prepared for the long haul, although I did question many times if I could find the energy to walk that path. Ending it there and then would have been so much easier. I very real situation we all face or have contemplated for sure.

But what happened to me was a bit out of the “ordinary” I went through and experienced a spiritual awakening and that really put me in dark place. Dealing with the relationship was one thing but then being hit with a dose of the universe at the same time was life changing and the biggest challenge I have ever had to face. A two-pronged attack of my mind, emotions and feelings for over a year and it was not easy to path to navigate. My battle was fought without prescription drugs, counselling or a self-destruction mentality, but one of deep inner reflection and understanding of my subconscious mind.

I count my blessings now and the journey I have been on, all of which can be found in my self-published book The Average Broken Man, and my new book soon to be released. These books are my very real and heart felt journaling through this period of my life. It was me being totally vulnerable in my truth, showing my authentic self and feeling my emotions as a man for the first time in 48 years. It’s a shame more people don’t, as life would be such a better place for us if we are just allowed to feel and be supported to do just that.

This was the very path that has led me to guide and help others deal with relationships and life in general from a different perspective, guided by my own journey and understandings and it’s so powerful and easy to do as long as you can be in your Truth – Vulnerability and be Authenticity and go through the process.

It inspired this TV loving, miserable guy filled with regret and a lack of hope, to switch of the T.V cancel his licence and spend much of my time over the last two years in isolation connecting to who I really was and digging deep into the very heart of my own issues and pain, that I have held onto for most of my life causing nothing but a lack of self-worth, depression, crippled with anxiety and preventing me from having my best life possible.

What I discovered on my journey is the very “THING” or “REASONS” (in my opinion) everyone needs to heal from in order to get the most out of life. It doesn’t matter whether you are man or women, young or old, if you are in a relationship or have just come out of one, my discovery on how I got back to self is my special gift for anyone who wants to be supported and held to get back to a better life. To live with happiness compassion forgiveness and just feeling like life is actually worth living for and putting the time into to enjoy it.

Everyone you see walking down the street, at work, dropping your kids off at school all have a struggle in life, some have more than a few, but most do not know the reason for it and unlocking that is the key to life. You can spend years in therapy or on prescription drugs in order to cope with just the daily grind but imagine how you would feel if you were shown how to see the real you and to heal from this place yourself.

A one time understanding to unlock the real you from years of suffering. I can’t think of a more exciting prospect or one that could change so many lives.

So, wherever you are in life what ever you are going through just know that you are not alone, no one is devoid of pain and suffering it’s a fact of life, but most just don’t know how to cope anymore and that’s were I can help. This is a new journey for me and one I am passionate about to help my fellow souls enjoy life a little more and to give you the tools to do that yourself rather than repeating those self-destructive behaviours time and time again and keeping you stuck.

Your relationship didn’t fail because of the other person, your life hasn’t turned out how you expected it would, and you are not living your best life, because you simply don’t know who you are! none of us do! and that’s where the magic happens.

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