Supercharge your 2022

It's been quite a BIG year, yet again, with the world events and also personal things that you've had to deal with too. You may be emotionally charged and affected by a lot and want 2022 to be a better year for you overall.

Taking time to rest and charge yourself up is definitely the way to get yourself ready but also "getting your head in the game" and TAKING ACTION to set up your 2022 is going to make every difference for you as you move forward. YOU HAVE TO WALK THE TALK!

You don't want to tick into 2022 and then let the whole of January fly by whilst you plan and prep.

Take time today to do it. (It doesn't have to take all day either). Give yourself an hour, get your planner and calendar out and LET'S GET TO IT!

  • Choosing a WORD OF THE YEAR to keep you aligned is definitely something I'd recommend. I've been doing this since 2014.

  • Creating a VISION BOARD is really going to empower and elevate your goals and desires for the year ahead and help keep you on track when you see them daily.

  • Picking AFFIRMATIONS that are personal to you will really quantum shift your perspective and help you to level up your confidence and boost you beyond this realm.

3 topics that I'd also like to share with you to "get your head in the game" and SUPERCHARGE your 2022 are:

Personal Development


You definitely need to pour more into yourself and your life. You need to understand your worth and how important you are, regardless of what people have said to you or done to you in the past.


You need to value yourself and your life and appreciate your blessings. Being mindful of your reactions to situations and people, can also help you to contain your energy and protect it too. You don't want to keep repeating icky and negative stuff do you?

Your self acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem and self confidence are KEY to you POWERING UP & LEVERAGING all that is going to be YOURS in 2022!

Do everything from a place of YES! Yes to you!

Really evaluate and see what people you surround yourself with, what tv shows you watch, what music or podcasts you listen to, what books you read - DO THEY ADD VALUE? or do they drain you and take away your energy?

Surround yourself with people who ADD not subtract and see yourself SOAR in 2022.

Gain clarity on what you want and desire in all arenas of your life and business and commit yourself to showing up daily. BET ON YOURSELF!! Because why not?! You are your greatest investment, achievement and best bet! Bet on you all day long and twice on Sunday's!

Go with conviction and make whatever it is you desire non-negotiable but also know you've got to STOP PLAYING SMALL! You're not here for that negative BS!

Set clear boundaries on everything in your life and focus on the goodness as the universe wants to support and deliver all of that to you. You need to believe, trust and know it first before it comes to fruition.

Be okay with change and embrace it.


So, give yourself permission to be the person you are right here, right now! There's no time like the present.


Gratitude is powerful and it comes from a place of appreciation not expecting. Make it a daily ritual/routine for you to practise gratitude. Write down the things and people you're grateful for and why. The power is in the "why".

When you see things and come from a place of total gratitude, everything is peaceful and your energy, feelings and emotions change completely. Your thoughts change to. It's a whole new level and it's a blessing.

Open yourself to receiving all the health, money, love, riches, clients, family etc and know that gratitude sets you up for the day ahead so that if something is icky and sets you off course and off the high vibration during the day, you can quickly look at your list and go back into gratitude and how you started your day. You can also do this before you go to bed.


Your mind will always believe what you tell it so know that your thoughts are powerful.

The key is to change your beliefs and clear out any negative beliefs and values you may have and also old BS stories that you have been trained to believe as they're not serving you and they are actually holding you back.

Energy flows to what you focus on so in order to get you on the high level frequency and positive vibration of happiness, kindness, love and joy....

  • Clearing your beliefs will help (write them all down & then determine whether they add value and also if they're real).

  • Delete them if they're not and re-write yourself something more aligned, powerful and something that adds value to you that you can live by, daily.

  • Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Know that affirmations can really help to quickly shift any old belief pattern. So, things like: I am enough, I am confident, I am free from worry, I am beautiful, My life is in perfect balance and harmony - can really help uplift the energy and frequency you're vibrating on.

  • Focus on what you want, instead of what you don't want. Too many people spend time focusing on all the negatives and things that can go wrong, instead of shifting their perspective and willingly plowing all the positive energy into all that they desire.

  • Do things in your life that will supercharge your emotions, thoughts and feelings positively. This will make you smile, give you goosebumps and light you up.

  • Awaken every day full of appreciation and get a plan together of everything you'd like to achieve in 2022.

Know that only you can hold yourself back and stop yourself.

So, don't!


ON CLOSING (I wrote this back in 2015):

Make this coming year, the year that you:

- Delete negativity from your life

- Really uplevel your mindset & work on it daily

- Don't second-guess yourself

- Believe & have faith in you

- Know that you don't need validation or acceptance off anyone

- Show gratitude every day, even for the smallest of things

- Concentrate on your own happiness

- Take some "me-time" to self-care and add pockets of that into your day

- Say NO to a lot of things that don't align or feel good, rather than automatically saying yes

- Stop feeling guilty about the past, as you can't rewind time or change anything

- Stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

- Focus and step into the person you're meant to be (your higher self).

- Mind your own business

- And my lifetime mantra ~ KEEP GOING ALWAYS

Go for it & supercharge your 2022 - you've got this!

Warm regards,


P.S. Let me know how you get on. Connect with me on my website below or via email:

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