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Good morning everyone and welcome to my next Midweek Wednesday blog. I really hope you've all had an amazing week.

Last week I spoke to you about the amazing Blonde Ambition - Icons Range. This week has been a crazy busy week with all the orders for this amazing range. If you missed the blog please feel free to pop back and take a look at last weeks blog.

This week I'm going to be talking to you about the New MOTHER'S DAY Range that went live on the website yesterday.

We all know how special our parents are and how much they are there to help, support and bring us up. Ok we don't always get on with our parents 100% of time especially in our teenage years but we always will love them.

When you're parents have gone and you get to this time of the year it can be a tough day for some people and that's fine just take the day to remember the fun times, the memories you have together and have a day of being in moment and remembering.

So this year I have created the first Mother's Day Range aiming to help you grab that perfect gift for your mother this year.

Orders are open now and will close on 23rd March to ensure delivery before mothers Day. Other ideas and options available so if you want something custom like for an example an inside joke between you, drop me a message and let's see if between us we can build that special top for your mother this mothers day.

Here are the tops available at present for the Mothers Day Range: ~

As I said above it you need anything special created let me know for an example between me and my mum it would of been anything with pigs, owls or darts or if it was a saying it would be "Love you lots and lots just like jelly tots"

If you'd like to purchase any of these tops just head to Collections - Mother's day and they are all there and ready to be purchased, if you want anything adding or the font a different colour pop it in the notes and I can see what I can do for you.

What ever you decide to have printed I'm sure your mother's with all be very happy and feel special for another day.

My last message to you this year is make sure you make the most of the time with your parents as you never know when it could be your last mother's day with them.

Have an awesome week and I'll be back next week with my next installement of my Midweek Wednesday blog.

Remember to make those memories and enjoy every minute.

Maria xxx

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