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Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. This weeks blog is all about Social Media, the different platforms and how each one may benefit you.

Firstly let's talk about Social Media directly, what is Social Media and what's it all about?

As the name suggests its a place to get Social with people, friends, family, acquaintances, connections and people in different countries.

Generally you can message each other, go live and connect with people, share pictures, businesses etc as well as making new connections.

So Let's produce a list below to outline the social media platforms that are out there and then I will cover a few of them in more details.

- Facebook - Periscope - Diaspora

- Instagram - Next Door - Ello

- Pinterest - Tumblr - Vero

- Linked In - Mewe - Minds

- TikTok - Steemit - Multiply

- Snapchat - WHSocial - YBO

- Twitter - Sociall - Mastodon

As you can see there lots of different Social Media sites out there plus more in other Countries as well.

As I said above I'm only going to talk about a few of these different social media sites or this blog would be crazy long.

Social Media sites can be accessed through phones, laptops, computers, tablets and all apple products as well.


Facebook is one of the most popular sites that people generally tend to have and probably have had their accounts for quiet a while as well.

It offers the connections world wide, live streams, uploading pictures and posts, the opportunities to create Pages, Groups and Events.

It is ideal for the day to day user and also the business user as well. So generally Facebook is an all round platform to use to reconnect the friends and relationships and also make new connections as well.


Instagram is another one of the most popular Social media websites and app's that people tend to use.

Although it's very similar to Facebook is more of a Picture based app opposed to posting written content.

It still allows you to go live, add stories and also do Video Reels but you're not able to have a Page or Group however you can set up a profile for Business Needs if required.

For me personally i'd say Instagram is better for the Businesses that are based more around images over a business that has written content as your not able to do the normal types of posts.


Pinterest is another social media site that differs to the two mentioned above.

within Pinterest you can create creative boards and showcase your handmade items etc, so with these boards it's basically like displaying a board with your products on that you would potentially use at a stall or fate kind of thing.

It is good for users who has creative ideas like colouring pictures to download, creative ideas and showcasing homemade items.


TikTok has become a very busy app on the phone over the last 2 years with people stuck at home and finding things to do.

It's an app where people create video content and upload it to the platform for the world to see. You can scroll through videos and follow other people that resonate with you or you find them funny etc.

TikTok can be a good platform for business to showcase your products or do behind the scene videos or even an uplifting video to keep people positive.

As a business you just have to find your own way of how you would post your business in video format. Think outside the box and get the people in and following you.

Once you reach 1k followers you're then able to go live and do live streams as well which can be very useful.


Snapchat is an app that has been around for 11 years now and although is similar to TikTok you need to be friends with people for them to view your short stories. Its good for friends and family to share what they've been up, make memories etc and save these items but its more restricted.

you can add filters to make funny faces etc that you can then send to your friends. Personally for me I'd say Snapchat is more aimed at close friends and families over business.

Link tree is a good website that is aimed to help business, influencers, live streamers etc to have one place where all your connection links are in one place.

So for short bios like on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest you can literally just put the Link tree link in and then when they load that up it will show you all of the links associated with that person, Emails, social Media, Website and anything else they would like to share with you.

This is very useful and very helpful for Business Owners and Influencers to gain followers and point people in the right direction so they don't miss out on any content.

To Finalise:

This blog has covered all the different types of platforms that are out and available to the general public to help them build a customer and client base and to help them get their Businesses out there or to literally just connect with friends and family.

each of the platforms enable you to connect with the user using either a messenger service or a Private Message facility to allow connections to be made or continued even when there's a distant between there users themselves.

It doesn't matter if your on one platform or all of them just remember you need to focus and keep them all updated on a daily basis if your business so make sure your allowing yourself enough time to complete all the platforms you decide to join.

I hope this blog has been informational to you and helped you to see that there are plenty of ways you can keep in touch with friends and family but also allow yourself the platform to get yourself out there as a business as well and make new connections.

I will see you all next week for my next Midweek Wednesday Blog. Have an awesome Week

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