Smashing Through The Stop Sign of Life

Good morning everyone and a very Happy Midweek Wednesday to you all. Hope your having an awesome week.

Wow what a week I have had this week. With the launch of the brand new book and another chapter of my life has been shared.

After doing the chapter in the first book I really wanted to get this one out there as well so people know they are never alone no matter what the situation is that they may find themselves in.

This chapter is very close to my heart and only a select few knew about this situation as I have kept it very well hidden and I felt now was the time to share this layer to help other people out there.

If you want to know more you'll have to buy the book and take a read and see exactly what my chapter refers too.

Here's the quote from the back page:

Here's the front cover:

The book is currently out on kindle and this Sunday it gets released in paperback as well.

To purchase the kindle version head on over to:

To purchase a paperback copy connect with myself directly to be added to my pre order list and you'll have a copy of the book, my author Signature and a personalised message in the book itself.

When you've bought the book, read the book, reviewed the book and then shared it. If you feel you need to connect with any of the authors then please do connect with them every author has there links published within the book so you can connect with any of them.

This book is a must buy and one of those books that when you've read it, it's there for life for you to pick back up when ever you need to.

The book has been compiled, edited and published by the amazing Rebecca Adams check her out here. She's an absolute powerhouse and will give you a push in the right direction where needed.

I really hope you will go and buy the book and connect with myself if you would like a paperback version of the book.

Have an amazing week and I'll be back next week with my next installment of Maria's Help and Advice blog

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