Single Parenting and Business Owner

Updated: Aug 22

Do you want to be around more for your child?

Not able to get a job due to child care?

A Single Parent who wants more for their child?

Want to run your own business but don't think you'll fit it in with your child?

If your answer is yes to any of the above then please take a read. My answer was also yes to the above questions.

I tried working a Job for a company but I ended up having to take day's off due to child care and I never wanted to let the company down when ever I did take time off, however as a single mum with no direct family around me I didn't have a choice in the matter, when the only person that could have my child was ill, or not strong enough to have my child whilst I worked.

As a mum you try your best to find replacement cover, or someone to step in and help and most of the time it's not possible. Now working within a company you only get so many chances before they start asking questions and maybe looking at different hours or shifts whatever, but again sometimes this isn't an option either for either the company or you personally.

When this happens you then sit and start questioning what to do, you want to work to provide for your child, but also its getting harder to find child care for the hours you need/require to work to get the money coming in to meet your monthly bills.

The Questions...

So what do I do?

How do I get around this?

Can I change anything?

All these types of questions start floating around in your head and you become more confused on what to do. So you think about working from home, or not working until there at school full time. But is this possible? Is this affordable for me to do? Before you no it your even more confused and it starts getting to you,

Or the other side to this is you've been working but missed out on so much of your child's first's... Their first steps? Their first words? Their first laugh whatever it is you've missed it and it may or may not have been captured on camera, we all know all to well they do things so quick blink and you miss it and trying to capture it again could take ages.

So again you start the above questions in your head and again you end up confused and unsure on what to do.

So you begin to think could I work from home, earn money to provide for me and my child, still spend time with them and be there for them? Which in turn then leads to the other side of the questions

More questions....

Do I have time to work?

Will my child understand I'm working although I'm home?

Can I handle working from home and not getting a chance to make work friends?

Is it going to work?

Can I really do this?

Do you know what the answer to all the above is YES YOU CAN!

If you plan things, live by a planner or diary and schedule things in you can achieve anything you require and want. Will your initial ideas be the thing you go with? Maybe, maybe not, either way it's fine as you're making progress and doing the research into what you want to do, let's be honest any progress is progress in the right direction, as long as your happy with how it's going then its all good.