Running Away!

*Please note there could be a possible trigger within this blog*

Welcome to the world of Elora. This is a Blog as to how far I have come in my life. I have had such a tough life that I never knew weather I was coming or going and the right way up, from my childhood, to in school and home life I felt I could never catch a break.

It was hard growing up but if I knew I was going to get the cards that have been dealt for me now looking back it was all worth it. I left home at the age of sixteen with nothing and when I say nothing, I mean nothing, no family, no home, no education, and no job and in the next sixteen years I have managed to turn my life around and believe my when I say,

“that life is for the living, be kind and the kindness will always return to you”.

It truly amazes me just how much love there is out there in the world if you just open your heart to it.

When I left home, I hand only the stuff that I could carry as I was running away from the abuse. I just needed to get away, I had no idea as to where I was going or what I was doing but I did not care as something had to be better than the abuse at home. I did not want to live my life like that, always in fear of what’s going to happen next as I walked through the door. I went to a friend’s house although she was not home her mum was worried and told me where I could have found her and said I could leave my belongings at the door and stay the night if I wanted to.

I left and tried to call another friend she was at work, so I left her a voice message saying that she needed to call me ASAP, I started to walk to meet my friend where I felt scared but also a glimmer of relief as I am finally free from the grooming and sexual abuse, but little did I know that the battle had only just began.

My friend called back, and I stayed with her and her family for four weeks. After such time I managed to get into a homeless shelter and told them as to why I had left home and how I couldn’t go back as to me being hurt by my dad once more, so they put me into a women’s refugee but I had to stay in the same town due to me being at school although I found this unbearable and started drinking every day to make me feel better. It made me worse, so I reached out to the family I had lost due to living with my dad as he stopped me from having contact with my mother and auntie where my mum was the worse decision I had made, and that relationship didn’t work out.

I moved from Scotland to Reading to work that one out, I don’t regret that move as my younger brother was being abuse and with the help of family, we got him out. I moved on again with no where to go but my friend took me in, I started to date his cousin and end up moving in with him in Somerset. I thought I loved him but turns out I didn’t.

By now two years have passed and that relationship was very toxic with abuse and just no trust. Although this time I was starting again I had my own home and one really close friend. I know I could do it this time as I already done it before. Not long after I met my little girl’s dad, I thought he was different as he made me feel like a princess at the beginning but that didn’t last long, I had my daughter a year into that relationship, and I tried so hard to keep it going but he was abusive and after 8 years I give up. He was an acholic and gambler I was in debt but again a least me and my daughter had a home. I met my future husband when I was not with my ex, but he lived with me as he had no where else to go. I found it terrible hard to put him out on the streets as I wanted to do the right thing for my daughter. Me and my husband Craig met at a hen and stag party we were friend from then in and seen each other again at the bride and groom party we meet at.

My ex-partner was with me so he could help with my daughter but the night before the wedding he got so drunk, and it kicked off in hotel room and I decide there and then I was completely done with him and helping him no more. I got up the next day and put on a brave face, so my daughter didn’t see mummy was upset. I went to wedding and seen Craig and spent the day by his side. It was the best day I had in years.

Me and Craig talk after that and 3 months later arranged a date now two years later, I am married and a mum again. in the time I left my ex I did counselling and work on myself to stop putting myself in abusive relationships, and with the support from my husband and friends, family learned to love and respect myself. When I learnt to do that, I got rid of toxic people from my life so there was no one to pull me down anymore. I involved myself with kind, caring people and met people I see most days and it makes there day just seeing me.

I learnt to help other people just because it nice to, but my biggest lesson I learnt was if you are kind and positive it comes back around a million times more. I look back at my last sixteen years of my life and I thank God that battle is finally over and am not on my own. I have family back from my dad’s side, amazing friends, and support.

I also have the most amazing husband who is my best friend my soul mate. we work as a team not against each other. I am now in a place where I can help other people and I can tell them it not going to be easy but if you stay strong you will get through and have a better life, I always say I would never change anything because I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wish my auntie would know that she was my big inspiration when things were hard and a truly amazing women to look up to as she been by my side since that day, I made that call.

I hope you enjoyed my blog it is my first time, but hope it helps someone.


I was once name Elora Lesley Watson am now Elora Margaret Lynn-Hewitt. I am married, I mother to 2 wonderful children one girl who 10 and boy who us 4 months old. I got married in summer 2021 at the age of 31. I am not working right now as busy be a mum and try to focus on that but look forward to being able to help other people.


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