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My passion and purpose right now are my private Facebook group “Sherry’s Reiki Sanctuary”. It is a safe place for beautiful souls to be able to express how they are feeling, ask for guidance along their spiritual journey, and receive uplifting/supportive posts.

We practice using our intuition each week with an Oracle 3 card pull for the community as a collective, each person is asked to tune into their heart and use their intuition to select the card/crystal that most resonates with them!! I then post the reveal of the 3 cards and use my intuition to provide guidance. On Saturdays there is a post so anyone in the group can promote their classes, journeys, courses, and business (we never know when someone in the community (or someone they know) may be looking for a service someone provides.

The community is full of amazing souls I have met along my journey, some are just starting their journey (with my assistance), and some are seasoned veterans’ (some have helped me tremendously on mine). It is a no judgement zone, everyone’s thoughts/feelings/perspective is respected. I encourage everyone to post uplifting/supportive posts, as I believe one way, we can raise our vibration is by surrounding ourselves with those that are working towards the same goal of raising their energy vibration. That doesn’t mean that you can not post when you are having a bad day and need assistance, I encourage that as well. We are there to support one another on our greatest of days and our worst of days. You are not Alone!

I am currently offering Distance Reiki sessions. My Reiki treatments promote pain relief, can boost your immune system, reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and tension. Can help you sleep better, raises your vibration level, brings balance & harmony to your mind, body & spirit. I also encourage journaling (writing about what signs, synchronicities, any guidance you receive from your spiritual team, gratitude, and your intentions). This can be a great tool to have in your toolbox.

If you have never experienced a Reiki Session, I have some testimonials in my private Facebook group Sherry’s Reiki Sanctuary. If you have any questions, please reach out to me, I’d be happy to jump on a call or zoom and chat.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s work together and get your mind, body, and spirit in alignment. Distance Reiki is $35US/$25£ for 30 minutes, $60US/$45£ for 1 hour.

Oracle Card Readings are $33US/$30£.


Sherry McQueen is a mother, a sister, a best friend, a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, a songwriter, a co-lyricist, and an oracle card reader. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer with metastasized to the bones in her lower back and skull in 2017. She believes in her heart that she is beating it because she has found her divine purpose in life.

Sherry has been honored twice on “The Service Hero Show” on YouTube and the 360tv app for being an inspiration to others. As she has not had an easy emotional life. She has buried both of her parents, taking care of both (mom passed away in 2003, their dad who had a stroke in 2004 and was left paralyzed on the right side, her sister and their husbands took care of him until he died in 2012). She battled breast cancer in 2009 and beat it!!!! After her dad passed, she didn’t think life could give her anymore…. Well, it did, a divorce and brain surgery! She was a lost soul back then and went down the rabbit hole of darkness and became addicted to prescription pain pills, it started during her first round with cancer….

With the help of her sister, she started to climb out of the darkness. She has crossed paths with some women, men, and communities from 2019-current that helped her heal, more than she ever thought she could. Some people have stayed, and some have left. She has a couple sayings for when things happen in life now.

When someone leaves: Everyone in your life is in it for a reason, for a season.


Everything happens in your life for a reason, good or bad. It is here to teach you a lesson.

These are some of the lessons she has learned: Change your mindset and change your world, start every day with gratitude, meditate every day, show love in every situation (still learning), and that the Divine has a purpose for her life.

The album Garden of Love by Ray Coats is where the 2 songs are that Sherry is a part of, “Our Connection” is with 5 other co-lyricists, and “A Love Like No Other Love” with Ray Coats. These are available on I-tunes and all streaming platforms.

Thank you to Maria for the opportunity to write this blog for your website, much gratitude and love to you.

Love, gratitude, and inner peace to you all,



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