Printers and When they go wrong

Good morning everyone and Welcome to your Midweek Wednesday blog from myself.

This week I'm going to be covering Printers when they go wrong and how to install them.

We all know how important it is to make sure when we want to connect things to our Computers, MacBook's or Laptops like a printer or other devices that they are working properly.

It can seem daunting to people who don't understand how to connect things properly and the panic sets in "oh my goodness how do I do this?" Que the call to friends or family or the help desk.

Fear and Panic not, this blog should hopefully help put that panic and fear aside.

Although most things now a days are "Plug and Play" so you plug it in and your computer will automatically install the drivers needed. If you have a printer that connects to WIFI it may not be that simple.

Then you have to put the cartridges in and set up the ink levels and again to some this may be a daunting idea.

So here it is a quick breakdown of the best way to go about getting your printer up and running.


Setting Up The Printer:

Firstly take it out the box and decide where you're placing the printer, are you placing it on a desk next to your computer or are you placing it on a unit in the same room? When you've decided on this that's the first step done.

Secondly you need to plug it in, switch it on and install the ink cartridges or ink itself into the eco tanks. Whichever you've got. Just open the printer flap at the front generally located above where the paper comes out. If you have an Eco Tank printer there will be a cover over the tanks you lift up and you'll see the points where to pop in the ink.

You'll then see either 2 or 4 places to pop your ink in. Match the cartridge with where the go generally it is either Black, Tricolour or Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. When you lift the flap the ink tray part should automatically move into the middle to make it easier to install the cartridges.

So BK is the Black, Tricolour is normally a circle with three colours in it. For individual inks you'll see BK for Black, Y for Yellow, M for magenta and C for Cyan.