Pick A Prize - This Months Game Show

Good morning everyone I really hope you are ok and having a great week and half term with the Children. Welcome to this week's Midweek Wednesday Blog.

This week I'm going to be talking to you about tonight's 2nd Live Interactive Game Show. This month I have chosen to do Pick A Prize, so you get a choice of prizes and once a prize is chosen it's removed and you can chose from what is left on the board. As normal you are guaranteed you money's worth at least sometimes a bit more as well.

The idea of doing these live interactive games show is to get people involved and interacting with my business and an easy way for people to try out my products. As I'm fully aware with a new business you need to build up the reputation and I feel these games are a great way for you to get to know me and my business better by getting everyone interacting and playing along and joining in.

Pre-orders are still open as well on the website ready for tonight's interactive show live at 8.30pm. Tonight the aim is to get more people involved and winning prizes they pick.

You have three choices of prizes to potentially win in the range of Small, Medium and Large. Small Prizes are for £10, Medium Prizes and for £20 and the Large Prizes are for £30.

As I said above you will win your money's worth what ever one you choose to go for.

Here's some pictures above of the potential prizes you can win for each size available. You get to pick your prize be warned though once the prize has been chosen it will be removed and no longer available. Why not get a few ideas in your head before tonight so you know what your aiming for.

I really hope you will come along and join in the fun and games of this evening. Place orders through the website by going here: https://www.littlerubystreats.co.uk/gamesandraffles

Next Month's Live game show is still being planned as i like to mix things up a bit and have a different selection of games available. Spread the word and get all your friends and family involved as well. Let's have a great night and enjoy.

Have an awesome week ahead and I hope to see you guys this evening to join in with the fun and games that are available.

See you all later, get your orders in


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