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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

My name is Mandy.

I was born in England and moved to South Africa with my mom and dad at a very young age.

I wanted to always work in the art industry, but with my mom not having such a great income, I decided I'd rather go to work to assist her.

We Don’t realize how each person torches our spirits and souls. Taking a part of us and leaving a part of them.

As I write this blog I am asking the universe to allow it to touch someone's heart and soul. Letting them know that life is a combination of pulls and pushing and that when certain events are not pleasant they are needed so we can truly appreciate what is in store for us.

I have learnt valuable lessons from beggars on the street at times and from those that are very wealthy. Both from each end of the spectrum, yet so similar.

It is not your financial well being that makes you a great individual, it's that inner beauty and flame that makes you who you are.

As I have been in networking for awhile and have met amazing motivated people that have inspired my daily posts. I have realized that reaching out by a simple message can change someone's life.

So as we are very unique in our own way, we are also very entwined in each other.

With all I do daily I most definitely enjoy touching someone else's life in a positive way and hopefully bringing some light to their day if it's one that is in darkness.






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