Networking and Connections leading to Collaborations!

Good morning everyone and welcome to my next installment of my Midweek Wednesday Blog.

Today I'm talking about my Networking and Connecting with people. This last week has been a massive week for me as I've taken on a brilliant Collaboration project with an Old Connection of mine.

In business we all know how important it is to make the right connections and build friendships/relationships with our potential clients and customers. Without this connection between the two of you things may not work in the right way and it may not become the big experience that you thought it would be.

I've recently been back in touch with an old friend of 14 years and I was generally talking with him, about business, life and all things from back in the day. I said I may need some advice from him about a t-shirts range that I wanted to do, This then turned into an absolutely amazing opportunity to have a collaboration range together.

Did I think twice...?
OH Hell No I didn't!!

This was an incredible opportunity to be able to work along side a very dear friend of mine who is incredible, amazing and honest in everything he does and what better way to work with someone, someone you have followed and loved for 14 years+.

The craziest thing for me was I was just talking a friend and have had the most amazing opportunity come up for literally just continuing to follow my dear friend and reconnecting after years.

So if you're sat there and thinking to yourself I can't do this. Do you know what you never know what opportunity can arise and come from you just making connections whether there old, current or new connections.

Just go for it, make that first step that may even change your life. Send a message, write a text, make a phone call, send an email do whatever feels right to you and just make some new friends/connections and you never know what may be sent your way!

I know I certainly wasn't expecting anything like this to happen to little old me sat over here enjoying the company and music (of course) whilst just chatting.

Why not take 10mins today to sit and just send a message to that lost connection or that friend you check in with everyday, or that new person you spoke to in a coffee morning or event. You never know!

With all the above in mind, why not take some time to make new connections, network with other people you might find they have a product or service you need and you have a product or service that they need. This could be the opening or pathway you need to give yourself that confidence boost and your business a boost too.

Always think outside the box and make sure you are networking and making those connections. Don't be afraid of what could happen just go for it.

My New Collaboration -

The Rainbow Range Inspired and Designed By Maria Harris and Kenny Moore (MSK)

When I spoke to Kenny I advised I was thinking of doing a LGBTQ Range to add into my Business as it's an area that not many people cover so I wanted to bring that to my range to make me different to all the other printing service businesses out there.

This is where the Collab was created with Kenny's inspirational thoughts and ideas the excitement for the both of us have been in