My Clients - Part 2

Good morning everyone, hope you've all had an amazing bank holiday weekend and settling back into routine again.

If you're in my business group or pages this week you will have seen I have added a "My Clients" page onto the website. If you've not seen it please be sure to go ahead and take a look at my clients, all the images are linked to there website or social media accounts.

So today I thought I'd go through my clients part 2 and give you a bit more information on these current clients and a heads up on a couple of the clients that are coming on with myself soon. This blog will be split into 2 parts, if you missed last weeks blog on the 4 other clients and my new client please go ahead and check it out here:

My Clients are very special to me and are all incredible people and they are all different and unique and this is why I love working with Business Clients as they keep things uplifted and different as well.

Let's Introduce you to my clients:

Here's a list of my clients and below i will go into more detail about each of them:

- Rebecca Adams - International Life, Business and Mindset Mastery Mentor

- Jenna Chapman - Housekeeping Services in Wiltshire

- Samantha Mansi - Pet Services based in Swansea

- Owen Maw - TipToToe Crypto

- Kevin Ball - The Fifth Sin Catering based in Wiltshire

- Clayton - Exterior Maintenance, Groundworks and Waste Removal based in Swansea

- Jenny Ford - Inspirational Author

- Amy Sage - Bespoke Handmade Wooden items

So know you know my current clients. Let's go into a bit more detail about each of them.

1. Jenny Ford - Inspirational Author

Taken from Jenny's Website

"Jenny Ford, an award-winning and multi-genre author has a narrative style that takes the reader on a journey through the eyes, ears and emotions of the main character of each book. Jenny inspires and empowers her readers by impacting their lives; making a difference with the written words in her books.

A very successful beauty therapist with her own business, Jenny’s life and career was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Jenny had no idea that she would end up becoming an author and says “No one was more surprised than me when I wrote my first book. I had no interest in writing at all, not even as a child. I literally just fell into it and it has now become my passion. I guess you could say I was Divinely Guided!”

The main focus of Jenny’s writing is positivity - she loves writing stories that make people smile and says “I am continually inspired and gain motivation by the different people that I meet every day, which drives me to be the best that I can.”

Jenny has written several books, one of which has been adapted into a play that was performed in front of a live audience. Jenny goes on to say “I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and truly believe that without the knocks and challenges, I certainly wouldn't be where I am today!”

I am truly grateful and appreciate you for being part of my journey. Thank you.

I was never an A* student at school, actually, I was very rarely at school at all, I would walk through one gate and straight out the other, school bored me to tears. I left with no GCSE’s or O’levels as they were known back in the day, something I’m not proud of. My spelling and grammar suffered a lot, it has improved massively since then but I still do find it a challenge at times so it surprised the heck out of me when I started to write books."

Jenny is an incredible Author and her most recent book "The Prisoner Within" is incredible and truly shows off Jenny's writing talent by making sure the book is easy to read but at the same time is truly inspirational and relatable to most people in one way or another.

Jenny approached me to do her some Inspiring and Motivational T-shirts for her with her own Phrases and Sayings printed on them and of course i said yes!

Jenny was one of my first Business Clients and it's been a great pleasure working with Jenny and getting to know her and she truly does have an eye for Inspirational and Healing books for Adults and also her Kids books as well. So if you're looking for some truly great reads and inspiring books please do go and check out Jenny she is incredible.

2. Amy Sage - Bespoke Handmade Wooden items

Amy does Personalised gifts and hand painted Wood Crafts. She offers a range of different items from Chopping Boards, wooden spoons, coasters and many more items.

So if you are looking for that something different and something made to order why not go and check out Amy and see what she can create for you.

Amy is based in Wiltshire but can post anywhere in the UK so it is accessible to everyone.

Amy is a very creative person and incredibly amazing with her art of wood work so please do go over and show her some support and love on her Facebook page.

3. Owen Maw - TipToToe Crypto

Taken from Owen's Instagram

"Bitcoin for the most part has been consolidating and ranging within this triangle

Scenario 1: A breakout to the upside (more likely in my opinion), if this happens we will attempt to break the $48k resistance again as shown on top arrow🚀

Scenario 2: A Breakout to the downside, this would most likely take us back to the $43k Support. $40k is the key level we do not want to drop below all the time we are above the market is bullish short to mid term📉

Link to chart :"

Owen's amazing knowledge for Crypto in incredible and he truly knows his stuff as well. if you want to read more Owen did do a Guest Blog for me a few weeks ago and you can go and check that out and take a read here:

His passion for continuing to expand his knowledge and information for Crypto is incredible and inspiring so if you wanting more information or advice when it comes to Crypto please do get in touch with Owen and he'll be able to answer all of your questions and help you make sure you are on the right path and taking the right risks as well.

4. Kevin Ball - The Fifth Sin Catering based in Wiltshire

Taken from Kev's website

"We are The Fifth Sin catering based in Trowbridge Wiltshire.

Serving the hungry in the southwest, invite us to your parties and gatherings however big or small.

We offer a full gourmet burger menu or Chinese Noodles with a choice of meats or vegetarian, sauces and mouthwatering sides.

Find us on Facebook and Add too Event or contact us here for prices and information."

Kev is a lovely and incredible person who creates amazing dishes for all sorts of different occasions so if you're ever in need of some incredible food or catering done for a party and you're in Wiltshire why not get in touch with Kevin today to see what he can do for you.

Know to explain about 1 of my new clients/ Collaborations that I am already working very closely with.

Lois Pedley - Lois Pedley Art

Taken from Lois Website

"My artistic style isn’t something that can be put into one category. I paint and draw in abstract forms, produce realistic images, dreamscapes and detailed studies. I always listen to music whilst I work because I feel music helps me to capture the essence of what I’m creating. It helps me achieve better results as I become absorbed in the sounds and the melodies the same way I do with every brushstroke and line of the pen. Hours can pass and I will have been completely engaged in what I’m doing. Often the idea I start with isn’t what ends up as the finished piece, but by allowing the process to flow organically it really does feel transcendent and like I’m watching magic unfold from the movement of my hand to canvas. Lois Pedley Art was created to enable me to share my art work with a wider audience after having been so passionate about art and everything it can bring to the world from a young age. I am fascinated by shape and colour and I love to explore this within my work. You will see this throughout my portfolio, especially my studies of the female form. I like to push the boundaries when it comes to Art, not just with what the viewer sees, but with what I want to say to the viewer. I am a University graduate with a BA Hons Degree in History of Art, Architecture & Design from De Montfort University, Leicester. I also studied and have qualifications in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

You’ll find so many different forms of art here, simply because I like to explore. Please feel free to have a look around my site, blog, socials, and take the time to read what I have to say with my work. You never know, something might just speak to you. Art is just something I was built to do, I hope you enjoy what I have to bring to the world."

Lois is an incredible person and artist, She loves what she does and has her own visions. She does regular Stalls at different events and recently has been give an amazing opportunity to showcase her art work abroad.

Lois came to me to see if i can put some of her Prints onto Clothing and of course i've said yes! So it's great to have Lois onboard and we're currently finalising the designs and soon you will be able to buy her designs direct from the website

I really hope you will all help and go and all my clients so love and respect and even if you can support them and their businesses as well.

Have an awesome week and I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday blog.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe

Maria xxx

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