My Clients - Part 1

Good morning everyone, hope you've all had an amazing bank holiday weekend and settling back into routine again.

If you're in my business group or pages this week you will have seen i have added a "My Clients" page onto the website. If you've not seen it please be sure to go ahead and take a look at my clients, all the images are linked to there website or social media accounts.

So today I thought I'd go through my clients and give you a bit more information on these current clients and a heads up on a couple of the clients that are coming on with myself soon. This blog will be split into 2 parts, so be sure to check back next week for Part 2 of my Clients.

My Clients are very special to me and are all incredible people and they are all different and unique and this is why i love working with Business Clients as they keep things uplifted and different as well.

Let's Introduce you to my clients:

Here's a list of my clients and below i will go into more detail about each of them:

- Rebecca Adams - International Life, Business and Mindset Mastery Mentor

- Jenna Chapman - Housekeeping Services in Wiltshire

- Samantha Mansi - Pet Services based in Swansea

- Owen Maw - TipToToe Crypto

- Kevin Ball - The Fifth Sin Catering based in Wiltshire

- Clayton - Exterior Maintenance, Groundworks and Waste Removal based in Swansea

- Jenny Ford - Inspirational Author

- Amy Sage - Bespoke Handmade Wooden items

So know you know my current clients. Let's go into a bit more detail about each of them.

Rebecca Adams - International Life, Business and Mindset Mastery Mentor and

Taken from Rebecca's Website directly

"I’m here to help you feel into the emotions and process your thoughts and beliefs and break free from social and self-imposed limitations, so that you can elevate to your greatest potential and be of service in more meaningful and impactful ways.

Over the last 19 years+, running several businesses and leading successful national teams, I have seen that the biggest barrier to success, wealth, happiness, true soul inspiring and elevating experiences is within our own minds.

Yet, a lot of people aren't aware to it. Social conditioning and ways of being, make them seem as though "this is how it's meant to be" and it feels and looks to them like an invisible wall.

Most people keep feeling blocked from their dreams. No matter what they do, there seems to be this invisible limit.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a way to transform it all, break down those invisible barriers and claim your freedom.

I get it. I really do!"

Rebecca is an incredible people with a lot of love and passion for all the work she creates. She has amazing Courses to help with Mindset, Business and plenty more including her incredible Expansion Course and her incredible IGNITE LIVE EVENT as well.

If you're looking for a person who is truly amazing at what she does, you want a mentor, a cheerleader in your corner to help you Expand more please do go and visit Rebecca's website and feel free to connect with her.

2. Jenna Chapman - Queen Bee's Housekeeping Services

Taken from the Facebook Page:

"Small independent cleaning company covering Trowbridge and surrounding. General house cleaning, end of tenancies, offices and much more. Feel free to get in touch. Cleaning hours are from 9 until 3 Mon to Fri but other hours can be discussed if required.

*Hourly rates start at £14 per hour to £16.

Using all my own products and equipment it's £16 per hour, if using the clients its £14.

*Need a little extra help? I will also help with laundry.

*Housekeeping, I can also help with house sitting, pet sitting or just a general check up if away etc.

*Bespoke quotes can also be arranged for particular requests. E.G overnight stays, special cleaning requests etc."

Jenna is an amazing person helping people all over the local area in Wiltshire with her different Housekeeping Services, she has built a brilliant business that keeps expanding and growing over time.

So if you're looking for an incredible person in the Trowbridge area of Wiltshire please do connect with Jenna herself and let's see if she can help you with your needs.

3. Samantha Mansi - Doolittle Pet Services based in Swansea

Information taken from Sam's Facebook page:

"Meet and Greet- Free- for initial assessment and what services we offer.

Dog walking £10 per dog for a hour / if away and need feeding too. Then £10 extra for every other dog. Can do 2 dogs half hour for £10.

Dog sitting - overnight in your home as I can’t have dogs here due to my cats £35 per night then 50% off every other dog - this including walking your dogs and giving you updates and long term I can arrange a price.

If 24/7 will be £50 per day as I will be having full responsibility of your animal and taking them to dog grooming during the day and keeping them occupied throughout the day.

Cats- £20 per visit if further Away £2 extra with fuel - including updates of the animal whilst your away. I will check your house and property and keep it safe.

If you have dogs with behaviour issues I will work with you to help you and your pet with this. This is a free session for an initial consultation and 2 sessions at £45 to start off with.

Overnights and long term stays can be arranged.

With all I would give updates and I am fully insured and dbs checked.

My mum is a dog groomer and I have lots of experience with animals .

I am training to be a dog groomer myself .

I cover Swansea area- if outside will be extra for petrol .. thank you .

Doolittle Pet Services"

Samantha is an incredible person who doesn't allow her Health Issues get in her way for her love of her Business and everything she is achieving. She has worked along side her mum for quiet a while now so she has plenty of experiences with Grooming and looking after Cats and Dogs. She decided to expand herself and decided to create Doolittle Pet Services based in Swansea to help other people with their pets.

So if your in the local area of Swansea and would like to use Samantha for your own pet services please connect with her directly. She really does know her stuff and takes the time to get to know your pets as well before any holidays etc the family are taking.

- Clayton @ C&M Exterior Maintenance, Groundworks and Waste Removal based in Swansea

Taken from Clayton's facebook group:

"We cover everything from

Man and digger hire

Classic window cleaning

Pressure washing drive ways, path, walls

Painting walls, houses, fences


Ground works



Custom shed builds



And much more"

Clayton is a great guy, who always puts his passion into every job he does and this shows in his work that he does. He's always expanding and getting new clients and contracts for him and his team.

He is based in Swansea but takes on jobs all over the local areas surrounding Swansea itself. If you're needing any exterior work done or waste removal please do get in touch with Clayton and he'll ensure you have a great job done.

These clients will be showcased in next weeks Midweek Wednesday Blog.

- Jenny Ford - Inspirational Author

- Amy Sage - Bespoke Handmade Wooden items

- Owen Maw - TipToToe Crypto

- Kevin Ball - The Fifth Sin Catering based in Wiltshire

Know to explain about 1 of my new clients that I am already working very closely with.

Donna and The Love Team

Donna is an incredible inspiring person whose aim is to help spread the love and get out there the everyone is the same no matter whether they are fat, skinny, tall, short, race, disabled or anything.

The inspiration behind the love team and the passion she has for this group is down to her son Marley. He's written a statement and story behind the love team and for a 6 year old boy it really melts my heart and I truly have my trust and faith in Donna that she will keep fighting to help other people out there to feel accepted and not discriminated against in this world we live in.

Here's Marley incredibly touching Story:

"taken from the love team facebook group (punctuation not corrected)"

Hi every one. I wanted to tell you abit about haw i come up with the hole THE LOVE TEAM

I am 6yrs old naw but when i was about 4yrs old my father was no longer in my life and i was seeing so many people looking like my mum and my dad but not like me. My mum explained its just because were we live different parts of the world have different amounts of population. I was almost born on bob Marley's birthday but missed it by a few minutes. I love the big Marley's music and my mum always tells me I'm made the way I am because I'm gonna be the face of the world. I don't really know what she means by that but i know i want to help bring love and peace to humanity as i look around the world everyone is judged for being fat, skinny, tall or small disabled, straight, gay, man or woman, boy or girl. I hate it, like my mum says we all bleed the same we all the same underneath out skin our hair our labels.

Awhile ago a lot was going on in the world and people turning on each other because of predgadis and i felt trapped as i wasn't sure where i stood as hhhhmmmm should i be on the white team or the black team as i got both in me.

It was really upsetting me and didn't know what to do so my mum said i do not need be on either as there's a middle team called the love team that my mums on and in our team we love everyone and everything humans and animals.

We spread love and try to bring peace were ever we go in the hope that one day people will all come together and not feel diferent but feel we are 1.

i used to get bullyed alot in school so mum moved my school but it made me have nightmares and start weeing the bed. Im ok naw that ive moved schools but i still get told i cant play because my colour on the street and i feel diferent but im learning to love me for me and i want to impower other children and adults to do the same. We gotta plant seeds so we can have a better world.

Hope you enjoyed reading abit about me and haw THE LOVE TEAM COME ABOUT

This story is truly amazing and heart breaking all at the same time. So i am soo proud and pleased to be working closely along side Donna on her mission to help and support everyone and to spread the joys of the world.

I really hope you will all help and go and all my clients so love and respect and even if you can support them and their businesses as well.

Have an awesome week and I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday blog.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe

Maria xxx

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