Microsoft Office

Good morning everyone and Welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday IT Blog. Hope your all having an amazing week.

This week I'm going to talk about all things Microsoft Office based.

Did you know there's several different parts to Microsoft Office?

  1. Outlook

  2. Access

  3. Excel

  4. PowerPoint

  5. Publisher

  6. Word

Microsoft is one of the most popular things people use for personal, students and business. So if you want some software that's going t0 be compatible for sending documents I would make sure you have Microsoft Office and also Adobe Acrobat Reader for all those pdf files as well.

Microsoft Outlook:

This is primarily your email program, You can use outlook for any email addresses with:

You can have more than one email account within it as well to make it easier for switching between accounts.

The good thing is you can have outlook on computers, laptops and also your phone as well so wherever you are you can have access to all your email accounts where ever you are. Ideal if you run your own business as you could be on a day trip, on holiday or even in hospital and still have access to your business and clients when you need it.

You don't need all the separate email providers this way you can have it all in one place making it easier and simpler to control your emails.