Message of Inspiration in a Glass Bottle

Hi, I'm Mandy and I'm so glad to meet you and to share this blog with you!

Every morning I would go for a walk with my granddad and being on a farm, close to the Lesotho border, we would sometimes sit on one of the high rocks near the river.

Enjoying the early morning sun and the birds song, he always would say to me, listen to nature talking. Of course as a child I always wondered...Talking?

I can't hear anything except bugs, birds and water flowing. And he would laugh and say...One day you will understand.

But spending time with in my eyes the wisest man alive, I sat and listened to his stories and lessons.

As we were still sitting there a lady appeared by the river. Carrying a water bottle and some fruit, she made her way to the river. After standing there awhile, she ate her fruit and seemed to be praying. Then placed her water bottle down on the sand by the river, turning and walking a few steps away, bent down and seemed to be pushing something into the soil. That was weird I said to my Granddad. He smiled and told me to keep watching the woman.

She then took something out of her pocket, threw items inside which seemed to be a glass bottle and sealed the top. After what seemed like another prayer, she threw the bottle into the river. As it landed, it started floating away...

Turning once again to my Granddad I asked, why did she throw the bottle in the river? Once again he just smiled and said that the woman has been doing it for many years already and not sure what she placed in the bottles. So we left the river that morning and of course I was extremely curious about what I saw. Yet, the next day the woman was there once again and did the exact same thing.

It had became a ritual for her I thought and leaving the farm to return to the city I pondered about what I saw that past while at the river. Well each time I returned I ran each morning to wait and watch. And as always the woman was there.

As I grew older and in my early teens, I decided to make my way down to the river and wait for the woman. By now I was extremely curious what she was doing.

As she approached, I walked towards her and greeted her. She turned and smiled and said she has seen me watching her the past few years. I'm sorry I replied, but can you tell me what do you place in the glass bottle?

She smiled and said Yes of course... Everyday when I stand at the river, I place a penny in the bottle with a note of inspiration and my address if whoever finds the bottle wants to talk or needs a friend. I told quiet for awhile and then asked...Have you ever received a reply?

Not yet she said, but if the message found someone that needed a message I hope it gave them motivation to never quit.