Meditation and Gratitude really can help the mind!

Ever since my grandad died I knew I had spiritual energies within me but due to being bullied at school I hid these abilities away and carried on living what I believed was a normal life.

Fast forward 18 years and I'd just had my 3rd daughter when I just didn't feel right within myself. IO felt so much anger inside and also felt useless and unworthy. I started to with draw from my 3 daughters which in turn made me worse.

After my other half made me talk to a doctor I was diagnosed with depression so went on tablets.

A year later I still didn't feel great within myself and this is when i met my lifestyle coach who introduced me to Meditation, Gratitude Journaling and The Law of Attraction.

Once I started to implement what I was being taught I really start to notice a difference in how I felt.

I decided I like this new way of life so made sure I meditated for 10 minutes every morning and night as well as starting up a daily gratitude journal as well.

I also started working with crystals more and learning all about their healing power and how to use them.

This then start up my spiritual journey again (5 years later after meeting my life coach). I now enjoy working with my crystals, doing moon rituals, meditation and doing gratitude journaling, and I believe that due to living this life now it has helped me come off my antidepressants while I'm pregnant with my 4th child.

Yes i still have dark days but by spending time on myself doing the things mentioned above it's helping me cope better.

So much so I have now decided to start up my own business helping others live a happier and more abundant life which in turn makes me happier and feel worthy inside.

Not only this but I'm also teaching my daughters about the power of mediation as well as keeping themselves grounded at all times.

Emma Ellis

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