Smashing Through The Brick Wall

Updated: May 11

I was asked back in 2020 if I would like to be apart of a new project and share a small part of my life and become a #CoAuthor with 11 other beautiful human beings. The initial thoughts that ran through my head was "What me?" "I can't be a published author can I?"

Well the answer to that was "Yes I can". I agreed and decided on which small part of my life I was going to write and share that would help inspire people and also help people to understand things a bit better.

My chapter is entitled "When a family holiday takes an unexpected turn" now I don't want to give to much away as to what exactly took an unexpected turn as I'd love you to buy the book from me and take a read at not only my chapter but all 12 of the chapters within the book.

The book includes true stories, from real people and there real experiences. The book covers stories about Cancer, Car Accidents, Brain Haemorrhage, Crypto Scam, Death and much more.

Book Launch - Kindle Edition

So on the 25th April 2021 we Launched the book "Smashing Through The Brick Wall", we had a Facebook virtual Book Launch Party where all of the Authors went live and spoke a little bit about our chapters and to encourage everyone to buy the Kindle version from Amazon.

We sold quite a few and made it to Number 4 International Best Seller on the day, which was amazing and never thought it would be possible but hey it is possible. This is just another thing that shows when you put your mind to things anything can be possible even when you don't believe it can be.

Here's just a few of the reviews we received within the first couple of days going live.