Making you time!

Good morning you lovely people and welcome to my Midweek Wednesday blog. Hope your all ok.

Today I'm gonna tell you about my experience with "Making you Time!"

I'm a single mum, carer, full time business owner and have a house to run as well, anyone else in this position can probably relate to the feeling of not having enough hours in the day to get everything done.

When I first launched my business for the first few months things were a bit mad, my daughter wasn't get enough mummy time and play time outside my office space (my office is in my room) I wasn't getting hardly any time away from the Computer or a break from my bedroom.

The Effects caused....

After a while my daughter was playing up more and more and wasn't really going to sleep early although she had school in the mornings.

Now I had to ask myself why and what could I do? After a while it became apparent my daughter is very active and needs high energy stimulation to keep her focused, calm and also to tire her out and being stuck in my room most days wasn't the answer I needed.

After speaking with a friend I soon realised I need to time block and make time for me as my energy was draining away, getting very tired, not sleeping properly and not really eating properly as I would eat in my room therefore so did my daughter.

So one evening on a rare occasion my Daughter actually went to sleep at a reasonable time I just turned off my pc, sat a gazed out the window and being present in the moment for around an hour, picked up my book "Start with Why" and just read a couple of chapters and made some pointers in my note pad.

The Outlook was brighter!

It was during this time it came to me what I had to do. After a decent night sleep and my energy levels back up I realised I needed to make sure I was taking time out to be with my daughter and take some time in the evenings to just be me!

I wasn't really one who had made time for me, many years ago I use to make Sundays my day, so the day I sat and done my nails, face routine etc and all this had stopped a long time ago and I'd forgotten what it was like to have me time. This new outlook gave me the chance to remember this is what I used to do and made me realise although I'm a mum, carer and business owner I can still have Me Time!

So I decided enough was enough if I was drained, all energised out how can I be there for my daughter and my friend I care for and run a powerful business.

The simple answer.... I CANT!

Time Blocking...

So I went into think mode. My daughter starts school in September full time so She will be at school 9am till 3pm roughly. So what I'll do to help get her into routine I'll time block around around her.

So know I do this....

9am till 3pm - Work in my room, give my daughter chill time and activities to do

3pm till 7.30pm - Spend time with my daughter, Do tea, bath and bed

7.30pm - 9 or 10pm Work

10pm - midnight - Chill and watch tv, read do whatever I feel is necessary

The weekends I still try and stick to same routine only difference being I take Sundays off from work unless I have to do something and spend the day with my daughter and doing Housework.

This above time blocking works well as now my daughter has been settling and asleep by 8.30pm latest opposed to Midnight. I've done it this way so that when she's fulltime she doesn't have to see Mummy working soo much, instead will see more of the fun mummy who makes time for her daughter and not the mum initially of not having much spare time for her.

My advice....

My advice to anyone who is struggling with managing the home, children and any other needs Time Block everything this plan may not work for your household but its the principle of it that matters.

I now get time with my daughter, the smiles are back on her face, my energy levels are coming back fully slowly, my house work isn't building up as much and more importantly I get some time to myself.

As they say a Happy Mummy, a Happy Daughter and Happy home. This picture here say's it all, time spent outside with my daughter and mummy sat on her phone working and laughing with Ruby makes all the difference.

Whatever you decide to do remember to Make Time for you!

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