Making writing time count!

As a 65-year-old senior, I wanted to write a book that will help seniors explore options and make smarter choices in life by using digital devices and computers, making life more interesting and useful.

My mission in life is to help seniors use their time in the right way, and in this situation, seniors are forced to stay at home longer. With self-taught writing, I've opened my eyes to a world of better things and I want to show beginners there are also brighter ways to build skills, engage in hobbies like photography or gardening or just communicate with friends and family by digital chat, messenger or email.

It is impossible to not be able to take your skills to the next level with computers, hardware and software. ( Get you started in a positive directions first -GOAL)

Having been a Graphic Designer for 24 years, I have been able to pursue interests in digital marketing, website building, and digital communication. If you purchase my paperback book on, you can read my true learning story, which I added to my first book digital mindset.

My main interest is creativity and digital marketing, and I am looking for ways to improve communication into today's growing global marketplace.

Kindle Edition E-Book and paperback versions of my first book are available on or, so you can download and rate them now for a better tomorrow.

There are three five-star reviews of my book on, and you can read them for yourself and see how they rate it.

You are the key to your success. If you move forward for 30 days, you will be a real computer user with confidence.

I have written a book aimed at learning more about computers and digital communication for the future.

Many Thanks



Patrick W. Whalen – Author of Digital Mindset: Making Tine Count

Senior Writer & Graphic Designer


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