Make EVERY Word Count

It began for me, from a very young age. I would’ve been around about seven or eight years old and the experience is still fresh in my mind. It didn’t just spring from purely inherent ability, rather it came from and subsequently grew into, a very deep appreciation for the value of their beauty and power. What was the experience and what did I have a deep appreciation for from an early age?

The experience was reading and subsequently writing. I can remember making the shapes of letters and the beauty in their appearance; I can remember beginning to attach letters together and making words. This led to the life forming experience of reading books of imagination and fantastic adventures. Consequently, I was led to begin to write and my earliest experiences of writing involved poetic rhyme.

In these creatively formative years, I also wrote a couple of spiritually based short stories, it seemed to be an early passion of mine to write in a way that would inspire and influence the mind and hearts of others.

Moving into my teenage years, I began to connect with the creative art of song writing. I was incredibly impacted by the combination of music and lyrics and it’s affect on feelings. Music moved me and it moved me not only to listen but to create! Therefore, I set out on not just writing words but also making sound. Initially, a considerable amount of noise was made, as I improved with my chosen instrument the synthesiser. It was the 1980s after all and synthpop ruled! My mum and stepdad were incredibly patient.

In the late 80s I was offered a recording contract with a small record label, why I did not progress in my creativity and the opportunity that was given to me at this time, is a story for another day.

The desire, passion and purpose for creating lyrical thoughts to inspire and reach others, has never left me. However, there was a time in my life, that defined my appreciation, gratitude, and love for words (spoken, written and sung of course) even more.

For decades, I have written poetry and lyrics at least on a weekly basis (now it is on a daily basis). However, in 2008 I hit a wall of profound silence and creative darkness. 2008 was the year I was diagnosed with throat cancer and consequently, lost the ability to physically communicate for an entire year. My throat cancer experience, was not one of just physical silence, spiritually and psychologically I descended into disconnection and isolation for at least a couple of years afterwards.

This life changing experience and