Let’s think about perspective.

Everything is dependent on the view you have of it. Looking at things from different angles will almost certainly change your view of what is possible.

Ask yourself the questions......

  • What is stopping me?

  • Why?

  • How can I change it?

Here are a couple of examples…

A few years back I wanted a separate shower instead of the over bath one I had already.

I live in a mobile home, as you can imagine, every inch of space is important. I was told ‘There isn’t room for that’...... ‘It’s not going to be possible’.....

Guess what....I wanted it so badly, I made it possible. I designed a new bathroom, I suggested we moved where the door to the bathroom was. Instead of having it so that it opened flat onto a wall, why not take the traditional door off, move the doorway to the middle of the wall and add a sliding door. Therefore, making an extra corner that was wasted into a corner shower.

I got my separate shower.

I also wanted a veggie patch in our not over large garden, and we have a trampoline taking up loads of space.

So, thinking of all the wasted space underneath it, I planted one there. Obviously, things that like a fair amount of shade, but it gets light through the mesh, gets the rain through the mesh, and gets watered through the mesh…. If it looks like it needs a bit more attention, we lift the trampoline off, sort it out and put the trampoline back.

Changing your perspective can quite literally open new doors!

All the Blessings and All the Love!



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