Know A Best and Supportive Friend Who Has Fought Your Every Corner!

I thought I would write this today as it is going out on her Birthday so Happy Birthday!!

Have a Lovely day, I won’t write how old you are!!

I have known this lady for 9 years; she was my boss at one point at the beginning!

The title of this blog says it all, this lady has always had my back through everything and have seen through things even when I may not have always seen things as she may have seen it but in the end I have.

We may have had ups and downs in the last few years and have come out stronger on the other side.

We have been through so much together in the last few years it is unreal from minor things to major things that we have fought together and have passed and never to return!

She has helped me with so much along my journey with her, I started working in a self-employed basis with her doing network marketing, such as building my confidence in areas, getting answers on my health conditions – which we now have since we have now relocated, getting me to write a chapter on a part of my life – which I thought I would not do in a million years, relocating 100 miles away and in all other different ways, the list is endless – which I could not thank you enough for.

I have found a truly, remarkable person in my life, and she supports me to do what I need to do, I couldn’t be more thankful for what you do for me, and I truly appreciate it. You are my sister, from another mother! I couldn’t have got through the last few years without you as I haven’t got half the energy as you have! Keep being you and don’t change for anyone! I will always be here for you!

This lady has been through so much but always manages to push through whatever it is she is going through and help others at the same time because to quote her words ‘I have broad shoulders!’

She is an inspirational and motivational lady! Who goes above and beyond in all aspects of life even when it comes friends and family.

So, I would thank you for all that you do for me and that you continue to do for me! I truly appreciate and will be forever grateful! Continue all your doing and building yourself up, you’ve got this!! You have done amazingly in everything you have done since we have moved and you will continue to rise up in all you do!!

The purpose of this blog is to appreciate the good and supportive friends you have around you and support them in all they do.

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