Juggling life after lockdown

As we come out of lockdown and with Chronic illness I often struggle with running my Avon business, training to be a dog groomer and doing my Masters in Creative Writing.

Each day I come home and I have a nap- my body needs it, it is tiring dealing with customers and dogs.

I drive a manual car but I hope to change it to automatic as even a gear change can become painful. Dogs are fun but so is writing.

This summer I was meant to make a start on my novel - instead I’ve been working part time and still running my Avon business

Sometimes social media and phones become so overwhelming that I just switch off totally for a while. It’s peaceful that way, with a true crime podcast on you tube, wrapped up warmly in bed .

I listen to my body, I tell people no. Whether they like it or not. My priority this year is to build my Avon Team and I have regular customers who order from me at present. But I am also doing my masters in creative writing plus pageants.

For everyone juggling different things, make your self care a priority. It’s okay to say no to things, it is not a crime to not want to go out every weekend.

Listen to your mind, take time to go on peaceful walks and relaxing places that chill your mind. It is one of the most important things that we can do - as we continue to come out of lockdown and the restrictions are eased .

Samantha Mansi


To connect with Samantha for all your Avon Needs in the Swansea area find on Facebook Sams Salon

If anyone wants more information on getting their dog groomed contact "Doggy In The Window" on 07956937373 (Swansea area only)

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