January New Ranges? And What's coming!

Good morning everyone and welcome to my next installment of my Midweek Wednesday blog.

I hope your all good and today I'm going to be talking about the new ranges that are coming in January, as we turn over from Christmas to the New Year.

For Little Ruby's Treats this means a new range of items, and an added extra of Sweatshirts being available as well.

Over the 2 week Christmas Break the website and shop will go through a bit of an update and change around so I'm all ready to go for 2022.

I will be adding new things, taking some things away. For example I'm no longer going to be doing the sweets for the time being. I will bring them back in a different sense at some point maybe towards the end of 2022.

I have loads of new ranges coming, but these will be introduced slowly starting with these few I'm showing below to get everyone back into the swing of things. But i also feel these ranges will be ideal for the start of the year to spend some of that good old Christmas Money on.

There is a new collaboration range coming in January as well, more will be revealed in the new year. Also the LGBTQ ranges will also be added to as well over the year of 2022 with some new ideas coming from myself and also the amazing Kenny, so keep a look out for those as well.

Check out some of the new ranges coming below.

Harry Potter:




Plus much more..... I don't want to give everything away now do i?

So there is just some of the information I am bringing into 2022. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, share out this blog and let's do this in 2022.

I hope to be helping you this next year, don't forget if you want your own merchandise range I can supply your merchandise for you. Just connect with me for business opportunities within your business.

I hope your all ready for Christmas and a nice few days what ever you are doing. I will be back next Midweek Wednesday with my next blog to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Have an awesome week and I'll see you next week.

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