International Interview Series 2021

Good morning everyone and a very Happy Midweek Wednesday to you. I hope you all had an awesome spooky weekend.

This weeks blog is not IT related however it's all about a very important project I am a part of this November and I want to share with you some information about this Project and give you the chance to sign up for the Series and see all the incredible and inspiring people within this series.

As from 1st November (so it's been live for 3 days now) the amazing International Interview Series 2021 started and is for the whole of November.

So that's 30 days of inspiring interviews from all around the world. We have people from Wales, England, Scotland, America, Canada, South Africa and much more involved in this amazing interview series.

I am also a part of this international series so if you want access to my interview and the 29 other interviews why not sign up using the link below to get access to this amazing series.

There's one interview a day and they all last between 20mins and 1hour so when you think about it that's a lot of inspiring information that may help you to live a better life.

Each interview is incredible and you will probably get a lot of information from each interview so make sure you grab a pen, notepad and a drink before each of the Interviews you watch, take as many notes as you wish.

On each day a new Interview will go live. My Interview goes out on the 6th November so be sure to get the Series ready to get my Interview.

When you login to the platform you can see each Interview, Bio and links to each of the people that's a part of the series so you can connect with each of us if you wish and also leave feedback on each Interview so we all get some feedback from our Interviews.

This Series is in Year 5 so it's a very successful Interview series created by the amazing Rebecca Adams who can be contacted via her website:

Now you've read all about the series and how much of a total inspiration this series can be.....What are you waiting for sign up now and get your access to all this incredible information!

It's priced at $19.97 (approx £15) for a short time only when the price goes up it'll be priced much higher for all this information. You get a lifetime access to all the Interviews so you can go back and listen over again and keep connecting with different people if you wish.

Why wait let's get your end of 2021 off to a brilliant start. Sign up today to get the first interview TODAY.

You can also come and join the pop up event on Facebook as well where each of us will be posting information on the day our Interview goes live so you'll be able to get to know us all a bit more as well.

To come and join the event come and join here:

I really hope this information has been really helpful and has given you some motivation to want to go and get the series and make that first step into investing in you.

Have an awesome day whatever your doing!

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