I had a client come to me...

I had a client come to me...

They wanted to achieve a dream of becoming a great speaker... but they cant seam to take action on it.

They want it and dream about making it happen... but when they dream about making it happen... but when it comes to actually doing it they hit a brick wall.

They feel its just impossible to get going on it or, if they do get started, they give up quick because they meet a challenge.

In this case - what do you do?

Well if this is you ask yourself this question... "what will I miss out on if I never achieve that goal or dream?

When you have an answer, great stuff. Ask "And what else will you miss out on if you never Achieve it". Keep asking yourself this until you can no longer think of anything.

This questioning process helps to uncover the real reason you want to achieve the goal in the first place. It makes you more aware of what is driving you... ...and because you'll start to associate pain with not taking action because you'll see clearly, probably for the first time, just what its costing you to stay where you are.

What this question does is it grounds you in the present and helps you to experience emotionally what it would feel like not to achieve that goal...

This question helps you to experience emotional pain in the present by seeing what things will look like up ahead if you don't take action.

And that's motivating! Work with me. Lets achieve that goal together.

Steve McGough

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