How my business is different

Good morning everyone and welcome to this week's Midweek Wednesday Blog.

This week I'm going to go into the difference between my printing business compared to other businesses and what I'm aiming to achieve within my business.

When I started planning my printing business I wanted to be different in many ways to make sure I don't leave anyone out and that my business makes everyone welcome no matter on their upbringing, race sex, disability etc.

Secondly if your a business and you want merchandise done the chances are you'd like to go to one person to do all your Printing so I set about making my business different in that way as well.

So being an IT graduate I decided why not bring the whole package and that way business can come to once place to get everything then need.

When you think about what a business needs you think of:

  1. Logo and branding

  2. Website

  3. Social media platforms

  4. Business cards and flyers

  5. Stickers for the work vehicle or personal cat

  6. Work uniforms

  7. Merchandise

  8. Technical skills

So with this list in my head I went about making my business different so along with all your customised and standard prints I've brought my IT skills into play and I can do all of the above as well.

With all of this put together I set about getting my business up and running and allowing my business to help other business just come to the 1 place for all there needs. Which in turn takes out the stress of using multiple suppliers, sending lots of different images to different suppliers as I can do it all in house.

So by me offering all of these items as well it means I take out the stress or you going several places, I included business rates, bulk deals and bundle packages to help you build your business.

This alone makes me different as I don't believe many if any printing services can offer you a full business package in the one place and by being able to offer a full package you save time, money, stress and make your life easier in the long run.

This is just some the reasons why I'm different and why I encourage you to come and have a chat with me and let's see if I can help you get on your path to successful business.

I love what I do I trained for 5 years in IT and business management so I can help you guys to also increase your knowledge and skills and provide you with everything you need to start up the right way.

So with all this in mind I also wanted to make sure I could get collaborations involved with lots of different backgrounds etc on board so I set around finding my first area and I found that in my dear friend Kenny with the LGBTQ ranges which keep expanding and keep on being added to as well. New range is coming out soon for this as well Icons 2.0 so keep your eyes peeled for this new range as well.

I also have new client on board as well that's all about spreading the awareness that everyone is the same no matter what there skin colour, disability, sexuality or size etc. So I'm really excited for to be working with this client and getting things started and sorted out for them as well so watch this space.

So if anyone else want to collaborate on anything please do get in touch as I'd be really excited to work along side you as well and bring another different feel I to the business after all that's why I've built my business the way that i have is to be different and include everyone in everything I do.

Always Remember No Matter What
Than you think you are!
Every hurdle you have faced.

Hope all this information has helped you understand me and my business more today by reading through this and I'll see you all next week for the next Midweek Wednesday blog.

Much love

Remember your stronger than you believe

Maria xxx

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