How does it feel to be going places?

Well I thought I'd take a different turn with this blog post, and go for something that's a bit more about me than just advice, business and blog posts.

Growing Up...

Growing up I was bullied a lot from year 6 through till I left in year 11. I then went to college and took on what I wanted to do and those 5 years were great, made some great friends along the way too.

Throughout my life I was told a lot I wouldn't go far, and I wouldn't be able to fulfil my dreams and goals. Do you know what for a long time I believed them and it held me back a long way for a long time too.

I always said I wanted my own business, my own house by the time I was 30 years old then a family after. However that didn't happen so instead of giving up I moved the goal posts. One thing I will say always be specific when you want something as you may well get what you want but not by the means you want it.

On my Journey...

So taking you on my journey my dad passed away when I was 25 years old and I lost my mum at 29 years old which then meant I became a home owner as well and then I became a single mum at 31 years old then I became a business owner at 35.

So although I became a home owner before I was 30 years old I didn't obtain it how I wanted to. So although it was a good feeling to have my own home and I didn't need to rent it also was a sad time as well as I didn't have my parents. Which is why I said above make sure you be specific with how your going to do it.

What I should've said was I wanted to have enough money to buy my own home by the time is was 30 years old. Instead I inherited my own home, know I don't want to sound ungrateful because I'm really grateful that I've had this opportunity to be in this position however I wish it was under different circumstances.

With all that above said, my life has taken a big turn around and my tunnel has light at the end with the correct path finally showing me the way to go.

In order for me to get that light at the end of the tunnel I've had a lot of work to do on my mindset and realising what I'm worth and that I can achieve my goals that I set myself at 20 years old.

15 years later and I'm finally starting to see where I should be heading and what I should be going and starting to forget about the past where people have put me down and not actually given me enough respect to support me in my decisions.

Bringing you up to date with now....

(pic in old house before we moved)

I made the courageous decision to up and move me my daughter and my best friend wanted to come as well (she was already living with me) 100miles away from where I grew up in Wiltshire to Swansea.

I felt I needed a fresh start where we can all be us, and although myself to grow and rise up to where I needed to be. Yes it was a very scary time and a scary thought process to take onboard however I knew deep down it was what I needed and required to fully live my life and bring my daughter up in a better and happier environment.

So 21st December I made the move to our new home which automatically felt like home for me it did take my daughter and best friend a bit longer to come to terms with which was to be expected. 5 months on and we all love it and it was definitely the right decision for us.

What I've achieved since moving.....

So in 5 months of moving home and starting a fresh I have accomplished so much. Even know it still hasn't sunk in just how much I have achieved.

Here's a small part of what I have Achieved..

  • Relocated 100 miles away

  • Set my entire house up to be home

  • Celebrated Xmas and New year in our new home

  • Became an No 1 International Best Selling Author

  • Launched my business Little Ruby's Treats

  • Been a guest on a live Radio show

  • Been a guest on a podcast

  • Secured my daughters Nursery and Reception/Primary School

And there's still more in this as well, with business slowly picking up, my daughter finally settling into her new school and slowly making friends it definitely a big positive and a lot happier all round for everyone.

My Advice....

If you are sat at home thinking I could and need to do more with your life, sit and assess where you want to be in the next 2 years and go for it.

Don't hold yourself back cause of your past or because it's what you know, maybe it's what you need is a complete change and mix up to allow you to grow and be you again.

I know for me it certainly was a case of I need a fresh start, so let's go and let's actually enjoy life and do what needs to be done.


Always remember no matter what, you are STRONGER than you think you are!
You have overcome, every hurdle you have faced.

Go a be the best person you can be and take the risk of making things better and more enjoyable, don't stick with what you now as it's safer.

GO and GROW and BE YOU!

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