Growing Back To Youth

My name is Michelle Roche, I’m a mother of two amazing daughters and a doggy Mum to Shady too. I was born in a town called Bury in Greater Manchester, which is well known for its black puddings and market. Since I reluctantly left childhood behind (not entirely I might add ) I’ve had several jobs ranging from working in shops to driving a van and packing pre impregnated materials. After being made redundant in 1992 I literally stumbled into childcare. I stepped in to help out at a nursery and it lead to a full time job and an NVQ in childcare and education. I stayed there for 10 years and both my daughters attended the nursery.

It was in 2005 that the door to alternative therapies really opened up for me. I was working for the NHS as a Midwifery Support Worker in the community. Part of this role involved smoking cessation support to pregnant ladies. Both myself and the specialist Midwife I worked alongside were able to access a course in Auricular Acupuncture. After we’d successfully completed this course we set up a group so that we could offer this treatment to our pregnant ladies. The results were quite amazing and this took me on a journey of exploration in other energy healing treatments. I’d always believed in natural forms of healing, as a young child I recall my Dad performing spiritual healing on people. So I guess it was just second nature to me.

When the opportunity came along to attend a Reiki course I was straight in there. It was actually being run by a lady whose grandson I cared for when working as a Nursery Nurse. Madge became my Reiki Master and I received my 1st and 2nd degree certificates with her. It was a very enlightening time for me, it was also a time of great self healing. I’d been through quite a lot, getting divorced lead to me moving out of the marital home and buying a place of my own. I’d also left Nursery Nursing behind me and started my new job with the NHS. So basically the three most stressful situations to go through came along at the same time. I guess I’ve never really done anything by half, as the saying goes. So many things began to make sense to me, Madge had told me they would, you see I had this obsession with swirls and I’d bought many items for my new home with swirly patterns on them. Of course when I’d completed my 2nd degree Reiki I understood why I was attracted to them. I can’t go into too much detail about this as it involves Reiki symbols but basically it’s all about energy and the chakras. Reiki healing involves balancing the chakras, for those that don’t know, they are wheels of energy located throughout our body.

Having experienced the benefit of Indian Head massage I decided I’d like to learn more and enrolled on a course. Having completed a Diploma I was eager to offer this magical experience to others. I also became aware of the benefits of Reflexology and began looking into this. A lot of Reflexology practitioners suffer with repetitive injury, their thumbs would suffer the most. This put me off, my thumb was broken and dislocated in a skiing accident when I was 13 years old. I’d fallen from the top of the dry slope to the the bottom, skiing wasn’t for me! I was an accident prone child who attended the A&E department too often as it was. I then came across Thai Foot Massage, in many ways it’s similar to Reflexology, instead of using your thumb you use a wooden stick. So I decided to enrol on a Diploma course for Thai Foot Massage. It made sense to be able to offer treatments from head to toe. With Auricular Acupuncture the ear represents the whole body, as in there are points that relate to all the organs of he body. The feet are similar in that they too have points that represent different parts of the body. Having knowledge and understanding in the anatomy and physiology is a must when practising these treatments and assessments are included in the courses.

We’ve lived through some very strange times recently and obviously I’ve not been able to offer any treatments. I have, however become a co author in a #1 international best seller, Smashing Through The Brick Wall’ compiled by Rebecca Adams. That was a truly amazing experience and just goes to show the possibilities life brings your way, sometimes you just have to brave enough to say yes and believe in you. As life begins to return to some normality I’m feeling excited about what the future holds. Having always been a creative soul who loves to help and encourage others I’m grateful that I’m in a place filled with good energy and flowing creativity. All of my previous experiences in life have enabled me to have the self belief that I have today. Everyday brings new experiences and opportunities for us all. I’ve recently launched a new business (u-gift) which combines my artistic skills with my partners musical talents to provide bespoke gifts for all occasions. The thing I’m most excited about is u-gift’s ultra sound and vision, basically capturing your baby’s first year of life. There is a promotional video on our new website which was built by the amazing Rebecca Adams. So please take a look around the website where you’ll find examples of our work and our promotional video for our ultra sound and vision package.

Please take a look at Michelle's Website.

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