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Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. Hope you have all had an amazing week and been enjoying the warmer weather whilst we've had it.

Today's blog I'm going to talk to you about Creating the perfect set of Flyers and Business Cards that represents you and your business in a positive way.

We all know how to promote on Social Media as that is the new "norm" to most people. However there are still other ways to get your business out there and spread the word of your incredible business.

Before social media was a massive thing that its turned in to now, how many times did you get leaflets popped through your door, or leaflets in the free weekly newspaper that used to come out? Quite a few people used to spend hours going round and popping leaflets and flyers through doors for people to read and see, or popping them in the local shops, community centres etc.

So why can't this still be a thing?

People seem to forget about the old ways of getting your products and services out there, Companies like Avon, Body Shop and Ann Summers still have brochures that go out through peoples door and they get existing and new clients all the time so why can't this work for your business as well? Take a minute to think about it?

So with all this information above, why don't you get some nice eye catching business flyers for your products and services and go out and get them out in the world. You'll be able to reach people that you don't know, or even other self employed businesses that also work from home and who knows your services might be something they need or had been thinking about but didn't know who to turn to.

With any sort of flyers they still need to stick in your branding colours, include your logo and any other information that is relevant, how they can contact you, follow your social media pages, you website or your shop location if you have an actual shop.

So always remember stick to your branding colours and always be you, big yourself up but not too much that you can't stick to the appearance you are sending out there. Either sit and design the flyers yourself and get them printed or ask someone you know to help you build your flyers and get them printed out for you.

I do offer flyer packages for building and printing flyers with a choice of glossy card or normal card depending what look you are wanting to achieve.

Here's a couple of designs I've created and made for some of my other clients.

As you can see all the designs above are completely different depending on the business itself. So I can help you build your amazing flyers and get them all sorted for you and keeping them in line with you and your branding.

Why not take a risk on yourself and spread yourself out there a bit more without the use of Social Media of course encourage people to follow you on social media, get email addresses etc as well.

Connect with me if your wanting some Flyers or Business Cards made and let's see if i can help you get yourself out there more as well.

Have an awesome week and I'll be back next week some amazing news on my Brand New Range that's launching on the 6th May 2022.

Always remember you are stronger than you believe

Maria xxxx

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