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Now we all want to know what the true definition of productivity is. Are you The Rock and get up at like 5:30am everyday? Or are you one to just let your day go about and call it productive? Well there's no way to tell, because it's your life and your life if totally different to The Rock's.

But I am here to guide you through some ways of expanding your productivity. Have you ever felt like you're having an off-day but you don't want to waste the day? Or have you completed all your tasks for the day and still want something to keep you busy? Either way, this post is for you, so here is my guidance on how to expand your productivity:


Waking up at a set time everyday. Now if this isn't simple enough I don't know what is. Now some of you way have just rolled your eyes at the fact that waking up early increased your determination, but after setting your alarm clock and getting your mind and body in a routine for getting up at a certain time over and over again, your body and mind will then start to naturally wake you up around that time. What is more relaxing than waking up on your own?

When I say waking up early I do not mean 6am, you wake up whatever time you feel. However, waking up before the rest of the house or with the daylight can be refreshing. All I'm saying is for you to try it once, wake up earlier than usual and start your productive day, just watch your positive energy get a boost of something different. It is a moment in time to be yourself and wake up, clear your mind and get onto my next point...


Starting your day off with a healthy meal is so good for your body I can't bang on about it enough. Fuelling your body with the right nutrients for the day AND waking up earlier with a fresh mentality will give you the kick start you need.

Start your day with fruit, herbal tea, homemade fresh bread, croissants, yoghurt, acai bowl, granola, I don't know what foods you like but if you start cooking a fry up, I'll have to come slap you.

The energy you get from starting your day early, fuelling your body with health and energy gives you the best start of the day and can help boost creativity, focus, knowledge, weight loss/ weight gain and most importantly boost your confidence. Everyone around you will see the glowing energy.


This doesn't have to be done in the morning, but personally I love stretching in a morning. Take a break and give your body a stretch, this can be simple static stretches or a full on yoga class, it is important to keep your body moving.

Stretching improves blood circulation, decreased chances of blood clots, helps with cellulite, weight loss or gain, muscle relaxation, cramping, stiffness or arthritis, headaches and genuinely helps clear your mind. There are many simple videos for stretching and yoga, my personal favourite is chakra yoga: so just to quickly explain, your chakra is a spiritual line straight down your body, targeting such places like the third eye (as you might of heard of before). A few different yoga positions for each of your chakra and it really helps when trying to clear your mind, focus on the present with your breathing and to remind yourself who your are and what your path is.

If none of that is for you, when usual fitness stretches could be what you're after. Simple but effective stretches targeting the muscles and joints, these stretches are supposed to hurt but trust me it feels amazing afterwards.


Always learn. Those muppets in the world that believe school or system education is the only way of learning are wrong, 100% wrong. You can learn something new everyday, that may not be the goal for you but constantly learning and finding new things to do will give you that determination boost.

Learn new things at least 3 times a week, whether that's: a new way to do your makeup, learned a new feature on your phone, learn how to say a complete sentence in a different language, learn another way of getting income, learn a new exercise, a new recipe. Learning new things constantly will help you build and grow as a human, and who knows, one of these things you've just leaned could be another source of income...


Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you is key. Even if you can surround yourself with them, flood your lifestyle full of them like they are your friends. Follow mentors or people that inspire you on social media, watch everything they do, watch their videos, learn and take notes from the little things they do daily.

Picking up habits from people who you want to be like can be so enlightening. I am not saying copy their every move or be like them. Keep being you, but be inspired by others, they can boost you to be better and never doubt yourself. Don't be looking at your mentors or inspirations and be thinking you will never be as good as them because I can tell you now... you won't. You won't be as good as them because YOU AREN'T THEM. You are you, and you do you so well...

Thank you for reading this post, and thank you Maria for letting me guest blog. I love inspiring and helping others so very much, I hope this was an entertaining read for you!

Phoebe Xoxo


Phoebe Adams, Fashion model, illustrator, artist, author and social media influence.


Email: phoebe.adams.03@gmail.com

Web: www.phoebeadamsbiz.com

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