Dreams Come True - Anything Is Possible

So when asked to write a blog I was slightly bewildered by what too chat about' the dancing kid from a working class background the real Billy Elliot' the teen that was bullied everyday within a very sport orientated school or for just not being NORMAL' the young man that was engaged to be married to a woman then fell in love with a man or the journey from Dancer to Cruise ship singer to Drag queen & TV/Radio presenter? Choices...

So I thought I would mix it all up' & tell the story of a Boy that was told by a career officer at school to get a PROPER JOB

My crazy journey from kid to teen was peppered with various forms of bullying whether verbal or physical but I classed myself as one of the lucky ones

because my family Mum Dad Brothers Sister all stood in my corner supported my choices believed in my dreams, Mum set up a Dance Youth Club as I couldn't settle in any formal dance schools to help me express my Theatrical ambition & we met at the local village hall every Friday night to Disco dance with fellow kids who just wanted to step into the spotlight but came from limited funds or just didn't fit in & needed a safe space to be a bit different.

And from 14 kids it grew to over 270 & we started winning Dance Festivals Competitions Championships.

There was a competition held every year at the Theatre Royal Norwich called Junior Startime and every year the local dance schools would dominate the trophies the accolades & we were indeed the Cinderella's of the event then one year I choreographed a routine based around a Spider & Fly recreating the chase' all with a Giant cobweb prop performed to Blue Monday by New Order. We were looked at by many of the other dancers as inferior no PROPER training Youth Club kids & just really not worthy to be on their stage.

Well we won!

We stepped forward to so much applause and held that Dance Cup in the air' things would never be the same again as my imagined ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - CHASE YOUR DREAMS on that night did.

Moving forward many moons I continued dancing within many groups toured with THE FOREVER ELVIS SHOW again this was a very masculine environment I really don't think it was the bands musicians fault they just really didn't get this very flamboyant character who wore every colour under the rainbow & wore more Jewellery than Liberace & this was daywear' well it was the Eighties.

But I stayed true to myself I never conformed I truly believed that this was my path and as LADY GA GA would say I WAS BORN THIS WAY

Onwards to moving to London in the early Nineties to follow my path of gold was a very definite reality check' I was indeed a very little fish in a BIG POND I auditioned for so many West End shows and literally didn't get one my nearest one was auditioning for the Musical TOMMY in front of THE WHO & just freezing like literally feeling so paralysed with nerves anxiety - needless to say I didn't get the job. So I worked as Music & Video Buyer at Selfridges store on Oxford Street and podium danced at Ministry of sound at the Weekends still thinking I would be spotted by THAT agent.

Time whizzed by & the dearest girl I was to be married to well we just realised it wasn't the path for me we parted ways & I returned to Norwich our fine city feeling a bit lost a bit not sure of where I was in myself career & personally wise

From a one night gig in a STEPS tribute at the coast in a Holiday Park an agent picked us up then another booker then a production company and I ended up being head hunted to produce a huge Theatre tour & release a pop single with Telstar records' yes it got to 172 in the charts but we recorded a pop video and I got to see our single in HMV.

This crazy adventure gave me three years on Cruise Ships travelling all over the world Europe the Caribbean & this Council kid flew into Miami and stood on Venice Beach in awe at how far I had come from dancing in that Village Hall.

Another stand out MOMENT was lets just say' I was in between jobs I think I was either serving tables or selling something #RETAIL anyway I received a call just before Coronation Street on ITV from a mate who was on holiday in Lanzarote The Canaries at a Drag bar who were looking for new cast members as they were opening a brand new show in Gran Canaria "Was I interested?" Well I thought it's 3 months ONE Summer in the Sun I thought - Well 5 years I stayed & toured all 4 islands Lanzarote Fuerte Ventura Gran Canaria Tenerife opened two new venues cast and choreographed all the shows & finished on two UK & IRELAND Theatre tours I think at one point I was touring more than most Pop acts!

MSK (Ms Special K) was on fire'

On deciding to leave the Canaries again I felt in limbo for a while but not for long THE LADYBIRDS & THE SQUIRRELS were created & onwards to being part of ROBBIE WILLIAMS groups in THE X FACTOR ITV 2018 & shows pantos gigs galore.

Right now I have just finished filming SEW FABULOUS a TV pilot all about re - inventing pre loved clothes & presenting my weekly Radio show #THEMSKSHOW plus in rehearsals for the Theatre Show PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT so' I suppose the moral of my first blog is NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU TO STOP DREAMING - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE'


Much love







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