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So, if you are not living under a rock, you would have seen everywhere online, adverts at big sporting events, heard from a friend or heard about it in a million other ways, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, my name’s Owen I'm here to just go over briefly in this blog about some questions and what you're missing if you haven't thought about investing.

What is Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency in its simplest form is a digital currency that governments and governing bodies have no control over. It’s a currency made by the people for the people.

Why is it important in the future: So, if you did not know, which most people don’t the US and UK and a lot of other countries are over a trillion in debt (hence the rise in taxes) putting the citizens in the country in a position where no matter how much money they hold in their bank they can never be rich/wealthy without investing or having investments as their money is constantly depreciating in value. This is because money is inflationary and infinite, they can print money as much as they want all the time, they print the supply rises meaning the spending power and worth becomes less and people are completely blind to this, once you realise this it is a real eye opener. Why would you invest in something that they can print and is infinite it's not rare, it's not one of a kind and it's certainly not worth saving.

This is where bitcoin comes into the system, because of the debt countries are in they only have two ways out 1) create their own currency that has set supply or 2) move over to an already established and proven to work currency in Bitcoin, you see with bitcoin it is an appreciating asset it isn't a liability like holding cash is, its deflationary, every 4 years the the reward for mining bitcoin is cut in half per block so it makes it more scarce more rare and this causes a rise in price for example in 2012 the first halving of bitcoin saw the prices rise from $12 to $1,150 in the second halving in 2016 seen the price of Bitcoin reach $20,000 so if you'd have bought the asset at $12 you would be living the dream now as a multi-millionaire/ billionaire. So anyway, the point of the story is by holding money in your bank you are constantly losing value, you need to invest in something that outperforms inflation and is deflationary so the price appreciates overtime.

“Its too volatile” now this is a sensitive subject for me I've heard it too many times and it gets on my nerves. If you're not willing to look long term into investing so say 5-10 years ahead then maybe investing in crypto isn't for you, yes crypto is volatile short term but long term it is completely lifechanging. A fact for you: no one who has been invested in bitcoin for 4 years or more has ever been at a loss. To be able to invest in crypto you need to change your mindset which don’t get me wrong it takes time you have to have good money mindset and try to make money work for you and not work for money. I do not want to work the rest of my life for a pension of like 60k because what am I going to spend money on at 75 years of age. The way I think about investing is why would I say 5 to 10 years wait time to be financially free is a long time but be willing to work 60 years of my life for a pay-out that likely would not be half as much, let that sit for a second.

On the top you see Bitcoin over the past 14 days on the bottom you see Bitcoin over its lifetime, you will see overtime it's only going up in price. Therefore, having long term mindset is so important

Is Bitcoin the only investment?

No, the crypto market has over 13,000 other coins / projects to invest in but be extremely careful as there are scams out there but with the help of the massive cryptocurrency community you will be able to avoid them and invest in projects that are going to change the world. Many of the top 100 projects in the crypto market have a real-life use and a strong, dedicated team of humans behind them and they are what you want to look for. Never invest blindly into a project you have no clue about.

I run an Instagram page soon to be a fully running business and if you have any questions or are interested in investing, I will happily answer any questions the Instagram is TipToToeCrypto. I have been in the markets since 2017 and have been through all the ups the downs from being scammed to making more money than I'd ever imagined. Crypto will be the currency of the future and if you invest now, you will be an early adopter. It can make regular people like me and you millionaires in a short space of time.



Hi I'm Owen, I'm 20 and I got into Crypto in 2017 after being scammed funnily enough, I fell for it as I seen it as a get rich quick scheme and did no research. But now I know what I know and done a lot of research into what crypto is actually like, I decided to actually help others to not lose loads of money like I did in the beginning, but I don't just stare at graphs 24.7 outside of Crypto I am a huge football fun and support Arsenal.



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