Don't lose yourself - remember you!

Many people when they start a business feel that they have to follow and listen to the "guru's". Do this and don't do that! This works, you need to work 18hr days, post on social media 50 million times a day, make a million in a month! (roll of the eyes).

Clients and customers aren't going to come flooding in like that and it certainly doesn't work like that, not even for the celebrities or the world renowned entrepreneurs of the world. They have had to build their client base, their expertise, their loyal following and also their brand too over time.

With all the noise out there the one piece of advice I want you to take and run with (like Usain Bolt) is this....

Don't lose yourself. Remember You!

You are uniquely made, incredible and your business is YOU.

YOU are the secret sauce to your business so why try to be anyone else?

You get to make the rules in your business

Remember that.

So, if networking events work for you - great thing!

If you prefer chatting over the phone or emails - fantastic!

Zoom - let's go!

But, do you know something that I've seen so many people do, over the years of being in business? They try to be everything and anything to everyone. They will do anything to get the sale.

My advice - don't.

There is plenty to go around (money, clients and customers).

Keep your eyes on the people. The money will flow - don't chase it.

You do you.

This is exactly how I run my business, in true alignment, with flow and ease and I love it all. I have an amazing balance of both the masculine energy & feminine energy.

You get to have the flexibility of being able to design your days in your business. And it truly is an honour to do that.

Work the hours you want.

Add in the bonus of balancing your life and business through working with a planner.

Spend time on your hobbies, go out with your children, take the photos and record the voice.

Have fun and enjoy every moment but most importantly "DON'T LOSE YOURSELF. REMEMBER YOU!"

You only get one life and you're not here to work every hour of the day and live for the weekend or holidays or vacations.

You are in this business for the rest of your life so why do stuff that makes you feel icky?

Do the aligned, beautiful energy work and position yourself at a powerful level by quantum shifting your mindset and going all in 100%.

Believe, Know and AFFIRM that you will get to where you desire to be. The universe is here to support you and all that it provides is to get you to level up.

So, stay true to you.

Enjoy and trust the process.

Know that life and business has it's ups and downs and that's okay.

You've got this and do you!

Warm regards,


P.S. Let me know how you get on. Connect with me on my website below or via email:

Rebecca Adams

International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor™

Business Woman, Influencer & much more...

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