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Good morning everyone I really hope you've all had an amazing week and looking forward to the next week as well.

This weeks guest blog is all about Copyright and Images.

As you can imagine I often get asked to print specific images and items of images that are copyrighted.

A couple of examples of this are listed below:

- Children In Need tops with Pudsey Bear.

- Premier Football Clubs Logos

- Disney

- Barbie

These are just a few examples of the items that are Copyrighted in High forms and if I was to go ahead and print off any of these items I could potentially be sued for huge amounts of money.

Having said this you can obtain the copyright permission to use the images or by buying the direct image then you are covered. A lot of people don't register that they can't print certain things without the Correct Copyright Permissions. This can potentially lead to them being sued or even loosing their Businesses altogether and as a Business Owner this is something we do not want to happen.

I have got copyright permission on some images that I have spent quiet a bit of money on to get certain images that I know people would ask for such as some of the Disney Images.

But I won't tell anyone you Printed It:

For myself as a business owner I have had the above questioned asked to me. No matter how many times someone says this to me the answer will always be NO!

I'm not prepared to jeopardise my Business to take the risk of me printing something that is Copyrighted without the correct Permissions.

Even when I do my Collaboration Ranges, work with Business Clients I always ensure I have their written permission to print there designs, images etc so I'm always covered on this front as well. Especially when i am selling there items directly from my website and shop.

When I was doing my training as a 111 Call Handler I was taught always grab your bin lid, pop it on your bum and don't let it drop!


So How Do I Get Around This?

There are a few things I can do to PROTECT MYSELF when certain things are asked for.

For example with the Children In Need T-shirts I put together for the Children and Adults I made sure to personalise the tops to the child or adult that was wearing it.

So for Ruby she loves unicorns so I created a Unicorn and added in the Pudsey Spots to the Jumper, Another Customer loved Marvel so I created an Iron Man Mask with the Pudsey Spots. (I have bought the superhero package so I have the permission to use these). Spots are not Copyrighted so by just not using the Pudsey Bear or Eye Patch I have avoided any potential copyright claims. But still allowed a Child In Need top to be created and be unique all at the same time.

Again for a customer that asked for Hotel Transylvania I changes some of the characters so they we're an exact replicate of the actual characters, again keeping my Bin Lid firmly on my bottom.

So what I basically do is take a design and change it so it doesn't fall inline with any copyright laws or infringements. Or i take the ideas and come up with a brand new concept on there requirements to it's still what they are asking for but with no copyright risk or trying to obtain the copyright permission to print the image.

If I'm using a persons direct image just for them for example work uniform I do not need written permission as I am only selling to them directly to who already has their own Copyright to there Logo etc.

Please be kind and respectful if...

I say no to any designs that you require as I am only protecting myself and my business. I will always come up with a different idea to achieve what you're requesting but I will NOT allow myself to be put in the position where I can potentially get into trouble.

Please remember I am not saying No to be nasty or horrible or because I am not good at my job, I am literally making sure I am covering my bottom and my business.

If you are unsure if the image you're wanting is protected by copyright etc please feel free to just message me and ask and i can certainly find out for you, and even come up with a design that's very similar to what you require. Please don't be afraid to ask, I am here to help and support you and give you what you require where ever possible.

Have an awesome week and I will be back next week with my next installment of my Midweek Wednesday Blog.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe

Maria xxx

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