Copy, Paste and Edit Files

Good morning everyone and welcome to this week's midweek Wednesday blog.

Today we're are talking about Copying, Pasting and Editing files.

Everyone knows that there are shortcuts for most things in life and for IT there's no difference.

I'm going you 3 tips on things that might make everything easier on yourself whilst your working, be it for personal use, business, coursework or school work.

With this in mind i want this blog to give you tips to help make your life easier when doing things and the best way round doing these things and hope you'll be able to save yourself some time.

Firstly - Copying and Pasting text.

We all know at times when we are typing a document, creating things there may be times where we need to quote items from a website or page that you want to make reference to.

There are 3 ways you can achieve this...

  1. The long way round.

  2. The slightly shorter route

  3. The quickest route

So for the long way round you would just type and copy exactly how the items are written. This will be the long winded way round doing it but probably a way a few people out there do it as they are unaware of the quicker options.

The Slightly shorter way would be to highlight the text, right click, copy then go back to your document, place curser where you want the quote or copied work to go, rick click paste.

The quickest way would be highlight the work your wanting, press ctrl and c together and then go back to your document and press ctrl and v to paste the work.

This also works when your creating images as well so if you want to repeat an image or text in Canva or what ever software your using to create your image you can use the quickest route as well. Just click the image or text ctrl and c and then ctrl and v and move the item to where you want it to go.