Colours and How to make sure they match!

Good morning you lovely people and welcome to your midweek Wednesday Blog from me.

Hope you're all well and having a good week. Today I'm going to cover about Colours and how to make sure they all match.

We all no what it's like you find a colour you like for your Branding, Website or whatever your creating. Or you've already got your colours but now you're building something else that needs the same colours and you can't find the right ones.

Here are some tips on how to make sure you get the right colours so you continue your flow on colours.


All colours have their own individual code for their colour. These are called HEX Codes. they are built up of 6 letters or numbers or a combination of both, but they always start with #.

Here's some examples for you...

Black #030303

Red #FD0303


Blue #0514FA

Lime Green #09FA05

Dark Green #035D02

Pink #FC05DE

Purple #750267

Here's a couple of website links for these codes and colours:


Make sure you write down the Hex Codes somewhere, where you will remember where they are.

What ever image creator you are using whether it's Canva or Photoshop you can insert these hex Codes to get the colour your looking for and to make sure it all matches.

Here's a picture to show you where you would enter your Hex Codes on Canva.

Where it says "Try Blue or #00c4cc" is where you place your hex code, press enter, it will then bring up the colour from that Hex code, select the colour and there you have it the same branding colour that you have chosen.

You need to do this process for all the colours you use within your Branding or Range whatever it is you creating.

To Finalise...

These are 2 really easy and simple steps on how to keep your Branding the same no matter what image, video or whatever your creating.

When your creating things and it needs to be the same branding, always remember hex codes are important as there are so many different shades of each colour to you it might look the same but it may not be.

My top tip when you start any sort of project choose your colours first before you begin building or you'll have to redo the project by changing all the colours and then maybe images or videos wont fit in properly so you'll have to redo them as well. Meaning you will end doing the project more than once.

Keep the flow and keep the branding the same no matter what you do.

Keep posted for my next Blog.

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