Christmas Woes

Christmas is a bad time for many people with mental health.

The pressure for a near Perfect day. Too much commercialisation for us to spend our money.

Running my own business Sam's Salon Avon group as well as helping run Doggy in the Window with my mum, plus study a masters in creative writing is exhausting at the best of times, plus having future ideas for my Ghostfish Project.

During this busy period, it is important to say no if you need to, don’t feel pressured to see everyone.

Doing Avon, I am lucky I was able to buy my presents over a year in advance! But for many they get into debt and think it’s the best way to keep everyone happy.

I try to buy local and handmade gifts or use my own company. It doesn’t help dog grooming has been busy to. It is time to self reflect at this time of the year and to think about where we are going in the future. It is a time for family, many overwhelm themselves with making a perfect Christmas dinner and having everyone enjoy the best day .

Last year I moved here and I was all alone, except my cats. I didn’t know my housemate to well so I didn’t know what to do with myself. I could of seen my aunt but I chose not to. To those alone try to not be and reach out to others to help you .

I suffer cptsd and low mood disorder and this period is difficult for me, but I wrapped my presents early and I have made plans for Christmas Day this year with my mum luckily and her dogs .

So take care of yourself and after Christmas if your exhausted and overwhelmed it’s fine to rest.

Samantha Mansi 23.12.2021


Samantha Mansi helps run Doggy in the window and Sam's salon, she also has a Ghost Fish project in progress at the moment She does pageants and is studying masters in creative writing and is a domestic abuse advocate as she had suffered with it twice


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