Calm, Balanced, Delight

Have you ever noticed how simple it is for you to connect with another individual just through negativity, being words, or actions by others before they can throw off your balance? Think about a time you are standing in line at the store and the person behind you starts to complain about the weather, the slow cashier, or even the local sports team. You may have not even noticed any of these things beforehand, but now their negative comment opens your eyes to unfaltering weather, the slow cashier, or even how your local sports team is doing. Taking this energy with you may not be intended but how often do the negative short conversations we have start affecting the energy of your day?


As an individual who seems to attract everyone wanting to talk to them. It can be difficult for some people to handle my positivity. I am my own energy and not noticing the bad weather may just be what keeps me going in a positive mindset. You are your own energy and with a simple three-step process to help calmly and efficiently communicate with one another. We can stay balanced while bringing out more empathy & compassion and delighting one another. Having the ability to find the best version of ourselves while creating boundaries with our counterparts as well as being able to detach from the everyday rush of life. Once we find the best version of ourselves, we can let go of the little things, create an alignment and see the best in others while having more compassion and empathy.


The anxiety of everyday life, and just trying to stay balanced is difficult for everyone. Think of yourself playing the game of Jenga with life's natural occurrences and life's bigger choices, through the larger Jenga sets. Showing the balance of Jenga, a game that most people know and understand the rules, while every piece makes a connection to life's problems and choices requiring balance. Now try playing a game of balance in the middle of the ocean, the ocean of YOU. Every human being is made up of 60% water, according to the journal of biological chemistry. Even our brain & heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even bones are watery 31%. Every individual human being is their own ocean, sloshing around crashing into each other. Creating storms in one another’s lives without ever even knowing we are doing so. How can you play the game of Jenga in life, if your ocean is being flooded with the storms of life?


I say this as someone who everyday encounters individuals that are focused on just short mundane conversations that they do not even realize have a negative connotation to what they are saying. The difference between me and them is that when I hear someone I do not know striking up a conversation I have to remind myself that they are living in their own energy. I can agree with them that the weather is not comfortable, agree that our local sports team is not performing at their best. Yet when we walk away from one another I need to let their energy go and leave it behind.

Through staying Calm, I remain in my Balanced self, while also seeing a Delight in all of life.




Remember that we are all oceans, crashing into each other. We have to take time to see that our ocean needs to stay calm, so our game of Jenga can stay balanced, while we strive for delight in one another.


Brandon Croucher

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