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Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. Hope you have all had an amazing week and been enjoying the warmer weather whilst we've had it.

Today's blog I'm going to talk to you about making sure you're Branding yourself properly that represents you and your business in a positive way.

Know when it comes to branding it can be a very daunting task to try and complete and get your head around, however if you keep it simple there is no need to get over whelmed.

There's a few ways to keep everything simple and I'm hear to try and help guide and advise you so you don't get over whelmed by it all.


Decide on what colours you are going to use and make sure you stick with these colours on everything you do in business.

Check out my blog on how to get the Hex Codes to ensure you colour match everything.

When you've chosen your colour palette ensure you keep the colours and the codes to hand so you can create you own branding palettes where needed.

For example for my Printing Side I use red, grey and white and for my IT side of things I use pink, purple and grey. These help to ensure people they know which part of my business they are on.

So when I create anything for my business depending on what part of the business it's for I ensure I use the same colours across the board. This helps people to recognise its you and your company.


When you have your colour palette all sorted and you know exactly what colours your going to be using.

Then think about your logo for your business again stick within the Brand Colours you've chosen to help people recognise it's you and your business.

Again feel free to check out my blog on how to get the perfect logo.

Again you can either sit and have a play, draw and design your own or you can hire someone to create the logo for you.

When you have your logo, use this on everything you do, quotes, invoices, social media groups and pages, website, business cards and flyers. Everywhere you put yourself you put your logo.

It is ok to update your logo but when you update it ensure your updating it everywhere.

For example I'm in the process of changing my logo over as my original logo no longer fits me and my business. My business has grown and taken a different turn that what I imagined so know my logo needs updating to keep in alignment with my business. If you're following me then you will soon start to see my logo changing everywhere.


Social Media accounts and Online Shops is massive for online businesses and physical businesses as well.

People tend to sit and have a scroll through websites, social media accounts, online shopping. With the last few years people are more open to looking at things online more and more so why not get in on the trend and get yourself out there in several different ways.

don't get me wrong you don't have to put yourself on every platform but find a couple you like and use and stick with those for some it may only be Facebook. for others it could a mixture of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, snapchat etc just depends on how you'd like to progress forward and what sits right with you and your business.

What ever accounts you decide to use ensure again your branding is following through on each account, page, group etc.


If your using a car for work purposes or you drive quiet a bit, why not pop your business on your car, it doesn't have to be massive or huge depending on the look your going for.

If you want subtle just a few stickers with your logo, socials and maybe a website or contact number then go for it. Just remember when your sat at traffic lights people don't just see the back of your car the other car may see the side of your car so think about placement.

I've recently started to rebrand my car as I'm heading in different directions and one thing I've been asked is to get into the car scene again for stickers for the modified and car enthusiasts so why not show off my branding and what skills I've got for the modified car scene as well. Those of you who know me well know that I have always been a big person for car shows and stands etc so I'm going back to my old roots and branding my car right up.

My car isn't finished yet as awaiting on more vinyl to add the finishing touches but this is my new branding and yes its loud and proud but I love it and it get's people talking and looking, which ultimately is what we're looking for.


Work Uniforms are a Biggy whether you are just doing online classes, courses and videos or you're out there in a shop, market stalls etc the list is endless always make sure your branding your clothing as well.

Best of all it saves your everyday clothes and gives you a sense of getting up and going to work all in a normal routine even though you may just be working from a room in your house. For some people this could be what they need to get up and be motivated to keep fighting and pushing in there business, especially through tough times.

If your a parent maybe it'll help your kids to understand your working and they will begin to learn if mum, dad, grandad, granny, sister or brother etc is wearing a certain top there working and to be mindful on interrupting, coming into the room etc.

But again keep with the same branding try and go for tops the colour of your branding, use your logo, use the same font where possible and just go for it.

To Finalise:

Whatever you decide to do to Brand yourself and your company just go for it, have fun and make sure you put it out there and get the attention on you and your business.

People may not need your business straight away but if you do it right they will remember the business for when they need it in future or if any of their friends and family use it again they'll remember your business and send them your way.

It's all about the first impression you give to your potential clients and customers, so get in have fun, go big and get your out there.

There are lots of other ways you can also brand yourself. These are listed below:

If you're doing Videos, Clips etc...

- Use the same music

- Create your own tune

- Create your own jingle

- Use the same intro and outros to all videos

-Use the same style and layouts

When marketing yourself:

-Business Cards



-News letters



What ever your doing keep it flowing, keep it matching and you'll have it spot on. Go for it and enjoy building your Brand to it's full potential.

Have an awesome week and I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday blog.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe

Maria xxxx

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