Good morning everyone and a very happy Midweek Wednesday. As you all now by know it's that time of the week where a brand new blog is out.

This weeks blog I'm going to be talking to you about a brand new item that I'm doing with my business. It's something not many people do so therefore as always keeps me different to other companies out there.

I enjoy being different and not just your standard company where it's we are here this is what we do, and off you go.

I'm different in the designs I do, the collaborations I look out for, the opportunities I look for and go with as well as of course my different designs and categories of choice.

So keeping in line with what I offer and being different I bring to you my BRAND NEW MONTHLY INTERACTIVE GAME SHOWS!!!!

How did I come up with this idea?

Well when you support other local businesses and they have amazing ideas and it works for them why not ask if you can use the idea and tailor it to your business?

Which is exactly what I done. I saw on a friends wall a while ago she was doing something similar with her Body Shop business, then recently I've seen it again on a guy I follow on TikTok but again done slightly differently so I just watched on and the ideas came flying in on how I can tailor it to my business.

So was born the idea of building up my community, getting my products out there in a fun and interactive way. I will trial it within my business for the next few months changing things up etc along the way and then hopefully i will be able to build up a really nice community,

So How It Works?

So I hear you ask just how does this all work....?

Well i have put on the shop on this website a set amount of Small Medium and Large with pre orders being open now!!!!!

And what ever size bag/bags you go for you are guaranteed products up to the value of the bag size you've paid for and if your lucky you may get a few added extras chucked in as well.

Who knows you could be the lucky one on that evening.

I will be live on the Facebook Page so please make sure you like and follow my page to ensure you are online and awaiting your mystery bag to be picked live at the show.

Orders will remain open during the show as well so you have plenty of time to get your bag or bags in including during the event as well.

What Can I Get?

Small Bags: Mugs, Tote Bags, T-shirt, Pencil Case/Make Up Bag, Stickers, Polo shirt
Medium Bags: Mugs, Tote Bags, Pencil Case/Make Up Bag,T-shirt, Stickers, Hoodie, 100 Flyers, Sweatshirt, Polo shirt
Large Bags: Mugs, Tote Bags, Pencil Case/Make Up Bag, T-shirt, Stickers, Hoodie, 200 Flyers, Sweatshirt, Polo shirt
At the end of the live show message or email me with your required colour, size, design and ill get them printed and posted out to you. 

As you can see there are plenty of items available in each of the bags, who know you may get more than one item in your bag.

The designs are completely up to you as well so I will not state it has to be design as if its for you its not fair for me to do that.

How Long Will I Wait?

Once the live show has finished you will need to connect with me and let me know what design, colour, size etc that you would like.

As there may well be a fair few orders on this evening so please allow 5 to 7 days for dispatch and with orders in the UK allow 24/48 hours for delivery and 2 to 3 weeks for anyone abroad.

So the wait won't be huge in comparison but please bar this in mind when picking the design for a certain event allow the time for it to be made and then sent out to you.

I really hope you will join me on this adventure and continue to support me in my business and what is to come in the future.

Have an amazing week and remember pre orders are open now and i will be doing the orders in order in number order.

See you all next week for the next installment of Maria's Midweek Wednesday Blog.

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