BRAND NEW Official LRT Merchandise

Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. This week I'm going to be sharing with you all the upcoming designs that are launching THIS FRIDAY.

After a lot of consideration i thought it would be a great idea to have my own official LRT Merchandise for my own business. These ideas have come from things close to me that have also been a bit part of my journey to where I am now.

So below I'm going to Introduce you to each of the ranges and where the inspiration has come from for the particular design and name etc for all 4 brand new designs.

All the designs were put together by myself and handed over to a very good friend of mine Shani Rogers who redraw each image and added a little something extra into each image so a little piece of her is in each design. The main image she had the most input in was The "Nanny" Range as I couldn't quiet get it right so she took my ideas and put them together to create the whole image.

All designs are only available in the colour shown and come in the usual sizes. They can be done on Hoodies or T-shirts.

The First Design in the Collection: The "Ruby" Range

This design has come from the inspiration of my daughter Ruby. After being told for 13 years I wasn't able to have kids and then now having Ruby, who turns 5 on Friday she has been a massive part of my journey and me carrying on fighting. Since she was born she's always been about Butterflies as she came to me and helped my find my freedom and get my life back. So The "Ruby" collection is all for Butterflies.

The Images:

The Photoshoot:

The Second Design in the Collection: The "Mummy" Range

This design is built around myself and what I love and have always loved as images, tattoos and just general pictures itself. With the skull range I've always a thing about skulls and could never work out why and when you sit and think about it, it's all about your head and your thinking space so mine is very creative so having a sugar skull image fits in perfectly for The "Mummy" Range.

The Images:

The Photoshoot:

The Third Design in the Collection: The "Nanny" Range

This range is very close and personal to myself as it's built on my Mum and in her memory and love for Owls. The Owl always represents my Mum to me and when she passed away it killed me off and I lost who I was completely. Ruby will never get to met her Nanny and Grandad as sadly they both passed before I had Ruby. As Shani knew exactly how much the Owl means to me and how important is was to get the design right i left it up to her to incorporate the Feathers, birds and owl in one design and I absolutely love what she's done with the design its a very heartfelt and touching design that's close to me and allows me to continue spreading my Mums love around in the format of Owls.

The Images:

The Photoshoot:

The Forth Design in the Collection: The "Family" Range

This collection has been inspired by looking at everything I've created and thinking of the heart as being the 0ne thing that connects everything together. With the LRT logo being a heart as well which is for the love and passion I have for my business and brand it's only right I include the heart within this special range as well. So this created the Family part of this range.

The Images:

The Photoshoot:

To Finalise:

This is the brand new and only available at Little Ruby's Treats official LRT Range launching this Friday 6th May 2022.

The colours shown in the pictures above are the only colour available for this collection and is available as T-Shirts and Hoodies, also including the children as well so kids range is also available as well.

LRT Official Merch Part 2 will be available later in the year so if you love this collection keep an eye out for the next set to be launched later in the year.

A massive Thank You to Shani for helping me perfect all the designs and completely getting where I was heading with my visions for this first official collection.

That's all for this week and I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday installment.

Have an awesome week and make lots of memories and hope to be serving more of you in the near future.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe.

Maria xxxx

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