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Good morning everyone hope your all well and had a great week so far. Welcome to my next installment of my Midweek Wednesday Blog.

This week I'm going to be talking to you about the 3rd Collection that's launched LAST NIGHT for the LGBTQ community. Another range that has been designed and inspired by MSK and myself.

This is a first part of the range for the amazing ICONS RANGE as another section will be released in April 2022 with the male ICONS Range as well.

This range has been created to help you show off your icon that relates to yourself through out the LGBTQ community and its supporters as well.

We have created this limited edition range with 4 icons in mind. I will show you all 4 below.

All these ICONS are only available in Black T-shirts, Polo shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies only. Due to the dynamic of the image it would only look right on black tops so that is all that will be available for this range.

The Range:

Let's introduce you to the range now.....

Number 1: The Queen:

Number 2: The Goddess:

Number 3: The Diva:

Number 4: The Monster:

Kenny made the decision to make this range extra special by having a few extra things created for the launch of this incredible range. This is the reason the launch has been delayed slightly to make sure we have everything ready and sorted out so we can launch this range with the love and passion it deserves.

Kenny has had a full professional photoshoot done with models in each of the tops and then something else including the models and it's absolutely incredible and I can not wait for you all to see the amazing work that has gone into the background of this launch.

Introducing you to the incredible models:

The Queen: Kenny (MSK)

The Goddess: Lea

The Diva: Cathy

The Monster: Zak

To Finalise:

The full images are available to see on the website. We've had to keep these things a surprise for you. I've had a look and they are all incredible and totally amazing. I can not wait to share these images with you all on the launch and the other hush hush item as well.

We really hope you enjoy and love this range as much as we do, when it's all launched officially be sure to head on over to the website

To see all the incredible images, the hush hush surprise and the tops which will be available to buy as well.

I hope you have an amazing week and I will be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday Blog.

Much love


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